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 Toon Gods
The Hound gets all religious...
  Alan Moore - Toon God  

   Saluting the 'extraordinary' hero of
   the comics world...



    An extraordinary fellow...    Selected works...    On the web...


    An extraordinary fellow

Alan Moore, comic book writer, straddles the great comic book divide between
    Britain and America like a colossus. Over the last twenty-plus years, he has
    taken a specifically American artform and dragged it kicking and screaming
    out of its cliched world of spandex supermen and apple-pie heroes into fantastic
    alternative and subterranean realms. And not only has he helped revitalize the
    content, he has also lifted the humble comic itself out of geeky backstreet
    shops and into High street stores the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

    This man has reinvented the comic book genre over and over. His characters
    crawl out of a creative miasmer and into three dimensions.
Of course, they
    couldn't do this without the artists who draw them, but that is another of
    Moore's unique skills: he can adapt his writing to suit the artist - nay - to
    compliment the artist as required.

    Moore started his career in 1980, writing for 'Dr Who Weekly'' and '2000ad'
    wherein he later introduced us to life on The Hoop with 'Halo Jones'. 'V for
    Vendetta' followed the freedomfighter V in his efforts to change our political
    thinking. And then came 'Swamp Thing'. Moore took over writing duties on this
    previously fading DC Comics title in 1983. By the time he had finished with it,
    the comics world had changed forever. Moore imbued the humongous marsh
    monster with a complex and intelligent mind, bringing this Frankenstein creation
    in to life off the page and showing us all that comics didn't have to be just 'for kids'.

    If 'Swamp Thing' was a revelation, 'Watchmen' topped it. The series turned the
    world of the superhero on its head, and Moore worked brilliant full-page inserts
    and background articles in to the strip to present us with an unparralled comics
    'experience'. Still today, it is is hailed as a benchmark for would-be artists
    and writers in the field.

    Since then, Moore's stature has grown unstoppably. 'From Hell' reworked the
    story of Jack The Ripper, 'Promethea' has taken a microscope to comic book sex
    and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman' have taken us away on grand
    galactic adventures. Each new work continues to be a revelation, thought-provoking,
    daring. Little wonder his efforts have been rewarded in spades by his peers,
    colleagues and fans. Moore's trophy cabinet is surely groaning with Kirby awards,
    Eisner awards, Harvey awards, Eagle awards and more. But just as surely, you
    can bet that Mr Moore doesn't actually own a trophy cabinet to kepp 'em in.

    Mr Moore himself remains something of an enigma. He shuns the razzle-dazzle
    of the comics scene, prefering to remain in his Northampton home. Photos
    depict him as a brooding, long-haired, celtic figure. Certainly, he appears to
    have a foot in that seventies-specific era of Jethro Tull, Catweazle and Michael
    Moorcock. But look beyond that persona and you'll find a deep-thinking, articulate
    fellow. He strives to bring literary values to the comics world, eschewing the cliche
    and the formulaic and replacing them with subtlety, texture and depth. Take his     masterpiece 'From Hell', which re-examines the myth of Jack The Ripper. Moore
    has us lingering on the grizzly details of the killings. We are inside the head of
    the killer as he kills, and it's not some jollied up vaudeville scene, with
    whistle-blowing policemen and pretty prostitutes all a-flutter. It's bloody. It's
    ugly. It's affecting, upsetting and almost too real.

    Away from his comics work, Moore writes regularly for 'The Fortean Times'
    and 'Wizard Magazine' and at any one time has his fingers in numerous fantastic
    creative pies including a number of audio and spoken word recordings. Each new
    project sees him grabbing the genre by the scruff of the neck and shaking it
    vigorously. And we eager hounds lap up every last morsel that falls...


    Selected works

Alan Moore's writer's credits are myriad, and this isn't the place to list them all.
    What follows is a brief listing of some of his more famous comics credits and
    details of  some of the seemingly countless awards his works have accrued:

    Industry Awards

     Jack Kirby Awards

     1985 -Best Single Issue - Swamp Thing #2
              Best Continuing Series - Swamp Thing
              Best Writer - Swamp Thing

     1986 - Best Continuing Series - Swamp Thing
               Best writer - Swamp Thing

     1987 - Best Continuing Series - Swamp Thing
               Best New Series - Watchmen
               Best Writer - Watchmen
               Best Writer/Artist combo - Watchmen

     Eisner Awards

     1988 - Best Finite Series - Watchmen
               Best Graphic Album - Watchmen
               Best Writer - Watchmen
               Best Writer/Artist combo - Watchmen

     1989 - Best Graphic Album - Batman:TK Joke
               Best Writer - Batman:TK Joke

     1993 - Best Serialised Story - From Hell

     1994 - Best New Graphic Album - A Small killing

     1995 - Best Writer - From Hell

     1996 - Best Writer - From Hell

     1997 - Best Writer - From Hell / Supreme

     2000 - Best Single Issue - Tom Strong #1
               Best Serialised Story - Tom Strong #s4-7
               Best New Series - Top Ten
               Best Writer - Alan Moore

     2001 - Best Single Issue - Promethea #10
               Best Continuing Series - Top Ten
               Best Writer - Alan Moore

     2003 - Best Ltd Series - League of Ex G Vol II

     Harvey Awards

- Best Writer - Watchmen
              Special Award for Excellence - Watchmen
              Best Continuing Series - Watchmen
              Best Single Issue - Watchmen #9

     1989 -
Best Story/Single Issue - Batman:TK Joke
             Best Graphic Album - Batman:TK Joke

Best Writer - From Hell

- Best Writer - From Hell

- Best Writer - From Hell / Supreme

- Best Writer - League of Ex. Gentlemen

- Best Writer - Promethea

     Eagle awards

     1982 - Favourite Comics Writer - V for Vendetta
               Best Story - V for Vendetta

     1983 - Best Comics Writer - V for Vendetta

     1985 - Best Comic - Swamp Thing
               Best Comics Writer - Swamp Thing

     1999 - Favourite New Comic - Top Ten
               Favourite Comics Writer - Alan Moore

     2000 - Favourite Comics Writer - Alan Moore

      National Comic Awards

      2002 - Best Writer Ever
                Lifetime Achievement Award

Key titles

Dr Who Weekly (1980s)
2000ad (1980s)
V for Vendetta (1982)
The Ballad of Halo Jones (1984)
Swamp Thing (1983 - 1987)
Marvelman/Miracleman (1985)
Watchmen (1987)
Batman: The Killing Joke (1988)
A1 - anthology title (1989)

From Hell (1992)

A Small Killing (1993)
Youngblood (1997)
Tom Strong (1999)
Top Ten (1999)
League of Ex. Gentleman
Volume I (1999)
Promethea (2000)
League of Ex. Gentleman
Vol II (2002)
The Courtyard (2003)

'The killing Joke' and 'Watchmen'


      On the web

      Alan Moore Fan Site
      This one has to be your first stop. AM news, previews, a bibliography
      and biography and - um - lots 'moore'...

      V For Vendetta 
      A shrine to 'V for Vendetta', Moore's 'dystopian blend of 1984
      and Batman'. Introduces the project, explores its history, and
      highlights some of its finer moments. It's sympathetically designed,
      with a smattering of well-chosen images and a page of covers. 
      It loads quick, too - Recommended.

      Tom's 2000ad page
      Not just a page, rather a whole site dedicated to 2000ad and featuring
      a piece dedicated to 'Halo Jones'. There's info on the strip, its graphic
      novel reprint, and its current status...

      Swamp Thing continuity
      Deconstructing and detailing Alan Moore's period on 'Swamp Thing',
      with iisue details, cover scans, etc...

      Annotated Watchmen (RH)
      Ralf Hildebrandt's annotated 'Watchmen' site features a biography of AM
      and artist Dave Gibbons, character biogs and extensive notes on all 12
      comic book chapters. It's text heavy, for sure, but it's a great
      accompaniment ..

      Annotated Watchmen (DA)
      ...Just like Doug Atkinson's 'Annotated Watchmen' site. View this in
      tandem with the above, and you'll surely know every single panel of
      every single WM chapter in intimate detail.

      Notes On The LOEG
      And to round off, Jason Nevin's 'Notes On The League Of Extraordinary
      Gentlemen' does the very same thing, page by page, panel by panel


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