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British Movie Toons
        "Arthur Christmas from Aardman Animations/Sony Pictures Animation

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producers: Aardman Animations
                       Sony Pictures Animation
CGI animation
        run time: 97mins

    "Two billion presents delivered in one night ..."

    It's Christmas eve and Santa's great annual mission is under way, to deliver
    toys and presents to the millions of children around the world. It's a huge
    undertaking, which is why he has an equally huge support team of elves and
    hi-tech gadgetry in place at his secret base beneath the North Pole. It's akin to
    NASA launch control, and it's all micro-managed by his oldest son Steve and his
    elfin assistant Peter. Santa's youngest son is also on hand, but Arthur
    Christmas is a sweater-clad dreamer who's been steered to backroom
    duties. He answers the letters sent to his father by the boys and girls of the
    world, and though he's a fervent fan of the festivities, there's little hope of him
    ever taking up the famous red cloak. That's until one small present - a bicycle
    for little Gwen - goes missing en route.

Arthur Christmas" is Aardman Animations' fourth feature-length film. It's their
    second CG-feature (after Flushed Away) and their first co-production with Sony
    Pictures Animation. The $100m project was first announced in 2007, and
    originally titled "Operation Rudolph". Pre-production commenced in the UK
    before the team moved to Sony's Culver City facility for a further eighteen

    Sure, there's a hint of Prep and Landing about the film's initial concept, but this
    Christmas story has other priorities on its mind as it turns its spotlight on Santa's
    family, their legacy, and the modern meaning of Christmas. You see, it's just one
    present for Steve - one of two bilion, no less - and it's all-too easy to dismiss its
    loss as a teeny statistical blip. But that's not good enough for Arthur. It's vital that
    the magic of Christmas must be shared with every last child in the world, which is
    why he and doddering Grand-Santa embark on their own low-tech quest to deliver
    the missing present. But there are further twists and turns on the delivery route that
    exposes Grand-Santa's own misplaced enthusiasm, and reach right back to the
    heart of the family, to Santa himself...


    theatrical performance

    The film opened in the UK on November 11th, 2011...

    "Arthur Christmas" accrued $33m at the UK box office, and was the 10th highest
    grossing film of the year, taking more money than any other animated feature film
    released during those twelve months...

    Worldwide, the film has now taken a little over $147m...



    2012 Annie Awards - Best Voice in a Feature Production (Bill Nighy)
    2012 San Diego Film Critics Society - Best Animated Film


principle credits

executive producers:

consulting producer:
film editing:
art directors:

character designers:

color designer:
production design:
costume design:
set design:
prop designers:
storyboard artists:

head of story:
senior story artist:
character pipeline lead:
senior animators:

senior character

shading supervisor:
layout supervisor:

Sarah Smith, Barry Cook
Steve Pegram
Chris Juen
Peter Lord, David Sproxton,
Carla Shelley
Osnat Shurer
Sarah Smith, Peter Baynham
Harry Gregson-Williams
Jericca Cleland
John Carnochan, James Cooper
Olivier Adam (environment)
Alexei Nechytaylo (shading)
Tim Watts (characters)
Peter DeSève
, Buck Lewis,
Barry Reynolds, Luis Grane
Gregory Fangeaux
Sergio Casas
Evgeni Tomov
Yves Barre
Till Nowak
Matthew Savage, Michael Shorten
Paul Bolger, Jess Jackson,
William Mata, Kris Pearn,
Troy Quane, Helen Schroeder,
Jean-Paul Vermeulen
Donnie Long
Adam Cootes
Brian A Coffee
Adam Cootes, Jean-Dominique Fievet,
Aldo Gagliardi, Boris Heistand,
Jeremy Lazare

Wee Brian, Joel Foster,
David Anthony Gibson,
Andrew Lawson, Ryan Page,
Tim Pixton
John Monos
David Morehead
James McAvoy (Arthur)
Hugh Laurie (Steve)
Bill Nighy (Grandsanta)
Jim Broadbent (Santa)
Imelda Staunton (Mrs Santa)
Ashley Jensen (Bryony)
Marc Wootton (Peter)
Laura Linney (North Pole Computer)
Eva Longoria (Chief De Silva)
Ramona Marquez (Gwen)
Michael Palin (Ernie Clicker)
Sanjeev Bhasker (Lead Elf)
Robbie Coltrane (Lead Elf)
Joan Cusack (Lead Elf)
Rhys Darby (Lead Elf)
Jane Horrocks (Lead Elf)
Iain McKee (Lead Elf)
Andy Serkis (Lead Elf)
Dominic West (Lead Elf)


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