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   Fleetway artists...

As new strips join the index the artists involved will
 be cross-referenced 
   here. By definition, then, this is not an exhaustive list - but it's filling
   out all the time...

    A-Z artists

  Paul Ailey
 Adam & Eva

  Nick Baker

  Terry Bave
  Barney's Badges
  Desert Fox
  Good Guy
  Odd Ball   
  Pete's Pop-up Book 
  Sammy Shrink  
  Scaredy Cat
  The Slimms
  Stoker - Ship's Cat
  Toy Boy
  Trevor's Treas. Tracker


  Leo Baxendale
  Sweeny Toddler

  Gordon Bell
The Wolf Pack

  Steve Bell

  Steve Bright

  Mike Brown
  Mad Match
  Napoleon Blownapart
  Smart Alec

  Sid Burgon
  Book Worm
  Handy Andy
  Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
  Lolly Pop 
  M. O'Naire & Penny Less

  Jim Crocker
  Ad Lad 
  Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
  Smarty Pants & Tatty Ed
  Sweet Tooth

  Graham Exton
  Spare-Part Kit
  Sweeny Toddler

  Dave Follows
  Wonder Wellies

  John Geering
  Tom Horror's World

  Bob Hill
  Krazy Gang
  Lazy Bones
  Thumpty Dumpty

  Detective Fumbly

  Dicky Howett
  Super Mum

  Anthony Hutchings

  Ian Knox
  Dreamy Den
  Lucky Dick

  Mike Lacey
  Art's Gallery
  Bumpkin Billionaires
  Richie Wraggs
  Scared Stiff Sam
  Sid's Snake
  Val's Vanishing Cream

  Rob Lee
  Laser Eraser

  Norman Mansbridge

  Fuss Pot
  Mummy's Boy
  Teacher's Pet
  Tough Nutt & Softy Centre
  Wear 'Em Out Wilf

  Arthur Martin
Daisy Jones' Locket

  Joe McCaffrey

  Little Miss Muffit
  Tell-Tale Tess

  Frank McDiarmid

  Cheeky's Week

  Trevor Metcalfe

  Ad Lad
  Angel's Proper Charlies
  Big Game Hunter
  Bill & Coo
  Birdman & Chicken 
  Damsel in Distress
  Dough Nut & Rusty 
  Jasper the Grasper 
  Sweet Tooth

  Dick Millington

  Happy Families
  Ray Presto

  Vick Neill

  Spare-Part Kit

  Robert Nixon

  Buytonic Boy
  Frankie Stein  
  Kid King 
  Kid Kong
  Laser Eraser 
  Lolly Pop
  Soggy the Sea Monster

  J Edward Oliver

  The Champ

  Reg Parlett

  Belle Tent
  Creepy Car
  Creepy Comix
  Fit Fred & Sick Sid
  The Hand
  Harry's Haunted House
  Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
  Kid King
  Night Mare
  Stan Still's Stopwatch

  Tom Paterson

  Full O'Beans 
  Guy Gorilla
  Strange Hill   
  Sweeny Toddler 

  Ken Reid

Frankie Stein 
Jasper the Grasper
Martha's Monster Make-up
  Tom Horror's World
Wanted Posters

(Leslie Harding)

  Brian Walker

  Old Boy
  Scream Inn

  Glyn Wall

  Tom Horror's World

  Colin Whittock

  Lazy Bones
  Sweeny Toddler

  Thomas Williams

  Creature Teacher

Bumpkin Billionaires

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