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  Monster Fun Comic characters and strips...

 Art's Gallery
    Art's Gallery
Freckle-faced Art was a lucky fella. He had his very own art
    gallery which featured paintings which would come to life to
    cause mischief mirth and mayhem at will...

    What was even more bizarre was how, each week, the
    paintings would be different, and yet they all still came to life.
    Maybe it wasn't the paintings which were magic, but the room
    they were hung in? It was, perhaps, the smallest art gallery
    ever seen. Just a single room with 3-4 paintings down each
    side wall and one at the head of the room.

    Art's Potty Picture Competition

    Art occupied a double-page spread in Monster Fun each
    week. And when it was first published, the bottom of the
    strip was given over to a weekly gallery of readers' cartoons
    with the piggybank-busting prize of £1 for winning
    submissions - Cor!

    As Monster Fun continued, however, Art's strip was reduced
    to a single page and, sadly, the Potty Pictures prize was
    abandoned. He made his last appearance in issue 34,
    making way for the launch of that toothless terror of the
    deep, Gums, in issue 35. But luckily for us, the strip was
    retained for the Monster Fun Annuals, appearing each
    year from the first edition in 1977.  At least one more
    appearance followed, though, in a 1993 Whoopee!
    Summer Special...



  Art's Gallery
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Monster Fun #1
  14th June 1975


  Monster Fun #34
  31st Jan 1976

  Also seen in:
  Sum. Special 1993

  Original artist:
   Mike Lacey


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