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British Comic Strips

       Beau Peep by Kettle & Christine

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Beau Peep
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             writer:  Roger Kettle
               artist:  Andrew Christine
  appearances:  published in 'The Daily Star'
                         from 2nd November 1978


   "When it comes to reducing the world's most feared
    fighting force to shambling farce, Beau Peep has no equal..."


   The heroism and hardships of the French Foreign Legion are legendary. And Beau
   Peep is a legionaire extraordianaire: Extraordinarily shambolic, underhand, conniving,
   shallow, ridiculous and a hundred other adjectives in between. Beau's best mate
   Dennis is even more ridiculous. Then there's Colonel Escargot, Mad Pierre, the
   Scots legionaire called Hamish, Egon the surly chef, and Sergeant Bidet rounding
   out the squad. The Legionaries enemy is the mysteriously inept Nomad, and
   in between the sand dunes linger the Vultures, and Honest Abdul the inhonest

   "Beau Peep" has been published in "The Daily Star" newspaper since 1978, and
   is still going strong today, more than 25 years on. And it's not hard to see why.
   Beau and the gang are The Legion of the Lost, hilariously inept, crooked, lazy,
   niggling, annoying, and unable to escape from each other or their duty - and
   we can all relate to that, can't we?

   The strip star and title take their cue from the famous silent feature film tale
   of the brothers Geste in "Beau Geste", later remade as a Gary Cooper classic,
   and spoofed with bug-eyed brilliance by Mary Feldman in "The Last Remake
   of Beau Geste". Mind you, The Hound reckons Peep is also influenced Phil
   Silvers and the Carry On gang from "Carry On Follow That Camel".

   Creators Roger Kettle and Andrew Christine also bring us "Horace" in "The Mirror",
   and in addition, Roger has taken up writing duties on the ever-popular Andy Capp.
   Fans of Beau Peep will surely be aware of the Pedigree strip anthologies, which
   have been published annually since 1980...


     Beau Peep compilations
    published annually by Pedigree Books

    1980 - Beau Peep 1        
 1990 - Beau Peep 11
    1981 - Beau Peep 2         1991 - Beau Peep 12
    1982 - Beau Peep 3         1992 - Beau Peep 13
    1983 - Beau Peep 4         1993 - Beau Peep 14
    1984 - Beau Peep 5         1994 - Beau Peep 15
    1985 - Beau Peep 6         
1995 - Beau Peep 16
    1986 - Beau Peep 7         
1996 - Beau Peep 17
    1987 - Beau Peep 8         
1997 - Beau Peep 18
    1988 - Beau Peep 9         
1998 - Beau Peep 19
    1989 - Beau Peep 10

 » Beau Peep at


    On the web

      Beau Peep
      A splendid official site here from the creators, with lots of strips and
      pieces and goodies for sale at Honest Abdul's Trading Post, including
      original strips!...

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© Roger Kettle & Andrew Christine / F2006