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     The Big Bad Wolf
    The Big Bad Wolf
This was otherwise known as Who's Afraid of the Big
   Bad Wolf and it played rather like a Loony Tunes cartoon.
   Each strip would begin with the Wolf drooling over his
   book "101 Ways to Cook Granny", or dreaming of Granny
   Pie. He'd then try to sneak into her house using different
   disguises from his bag, only to be thwarted by some savage
   repost from the sneaky old maid.

   The first ever strip set the tone:

   Wolfie salivates over his meal-time menu. Starter: Granny.
   Main course: Granny. Afters: Granny. Disguised as a milkman,
   he knocks on Granny's door, offering to bring in an extra pinta
   for the old dear. Granny, in bed, thanks him but says she
   already keeps her own herd.Whereupon she unlatches the
   front door with her walking stick, unleashing a stampede of
   cattle upon poor Wolfie. "Branded... as a failure!" he gasps,
   as he staggers away, battered and blue...  

   Very Warner Bros, eh? Wolfie even looked a bit like Wile E.
   Coyote. His come-uppances were depicted with violent,
   bruised glee. Indeed, it was actually quite nasty...

    So who's afraid of the big bad wolf?




  The Big Bad
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  21st April 1973

  29th Sept 1973

  Also seen in:

  Krazy Annuals
  and Specials

  Often quoted:

  "The nearer I get,
   the hungrier
   I feel!.."


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