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     Bill & Coo
    Bill and Coo
 Bill was a young lad who had a series of encounters and
    adventures with his favourite feathered friend, a pigeon
    called Coo. Coo was a clever old bird, handy for sending
    messages across town
or retrieving out-of-reach items...

    Coo flying...

    The first-ever strip introduces Coo arriving in a new town,
    looking for a place to perch in the park, only to be ensnared
    by Miser Moggs, who's pretending to be a statue so's he
    catch himself a pigeon for his pie. Bill spies old Moggs
    trapping Coo under his hat and he gives chase. He chucks
    a penny at his hat but misses. All seems lost until Moggs
    reappears to snatch up the self-same penny:

Miser Moggs scoops up Coo... ...Bill saves the day!

    Bill and Coo take flight and a brand new friendship is formed!

    Interesting how Miser Moggs bears more than a passing
    resemblance to that other famous Fleetway miser Jasper the
    Grasper from Cor!! - That's probably because both Jasper and
    Bill and Coo were drawn by top strip artist Trevor Metcalfe...

    Interesting too, how that same origin strip reappeared in
    colour in the 1993 Whoopee! Holiday Special...

    Most interesting of all, however, is the fact that this must
    surely have been Fleetway's most unhygenic strip ever.
    By all accounts, old Coo is nothing more than a scraggy
    town pigeon. And Bill lets him perch on his head - Yeek!



  Bill and Coo
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  WOW! #1
  5th Jun 1982


  1993 Whoppee!
  Holiday Special

  Original artist:

  Trevor Metcalfe


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