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  Krazy characters and strips...

  Birdman & Chicken title
    Birdman and Chicken
 This was a jolly Batman spoof in which Dick Lane and
   Chic Dodds donned feathered costumes and cowls took to
   their Bird-mobile (or sometimes their Bird-bike) and became
   crime-fighting superheroes. Only they fought crime very
   badly and were rarely greeted as heroes...
   Birdman & Chicken get 'teed' off!

   Birdman and Chicken's adventures covered two whole comic
   pages and almost all were two-part affairs, with the first week's
   installment ending on a suitable cliffhanger.

   The motley crew of supervillains they fought were rather fun.

   They were topped by
Sourpuss - meow! - she was a Catwoman
   spoof and was quite racey, for a Fleetway gal. The other
   women in these comics were mostly domineering dragons,
   homely mums or tomboys. But this lady had some curves...

     The Birdmobile Sourpuss - Meow!

   Here's a rundown of those other supervillains:

   Mr Mighty
   (strong guy, dominated by his wife "The Hunk"/Mabel)

   The Tickler
   (had a tank with a built-in feather duster)

   Father Time 
   (old geezer, controlled time)

   Captain Kid
   (young lad, pirate leader)
   The Puzzler
   (a spoof of the Riddler, with a jacket covered in '?'s)

   Dust Devil
   (demon suited villain with robot dustbins)

   The Maggot
   (a food fouling thief in an insect suit)

   Lovey Dovey
   (a curvaceous gal in a birdsuit, with a love spray)
   Dr Doom
   (mad man in a surgeon's mask)
   The Tremble Twins

   (identical Dickensian bullies with bowler hats)

   The Giggler
   (a mad circus clown)

   The Pelican
   (a feather-suited fish thief)

   Jack the Snipper
   (a malevolent barber with sharp and shiny scissors)

   The Hi-jacker
   (bally-ho chap with a miniature squadron of planes)

   Mr Phoney
   (man of a thousand guises)

   Nurse Nasty & Doctor Demon
   (scurrolous, rampaging NHS workers)

   Bookworm Browser
   (an arch librarian in a top hat)

   The Crab
   (a bad guy dressed as a robotic crustacean)

   Mr Spiteful
   (an unseen menace with a nasty streak)

   Rikki Robb aka Rick Reed
   (safebreaker and erstwhile red-hot reporter)

   The Red Baron & Hans
   (daring airborne thief and his henchman)

   Ray Gunn
   (super space-crook, drives an asteroid mobile)

   Jack of Diamonds
   (the gangster gamester with dice bombs and sharp cards)

   The Jester
   (a no-good naughty knave)

   (bad guy in an all-black arachnid suit)

The strip was drawn by Trevor Metcalfe almost throughout
   its weekly run, the exception being a Bookworm Browser
   two-parter from the pen of Thomas Williams.

   In the very last issue of "Krazy", our dynamic duo infiltrated
   a manor house playing host to seven of their very archest
   of arch-criminals and they yanked them off to jail... only to
   have the coppers chastise the two for filling up their cells
   with too many criminals!

   Though they ended their weekly appearances when
   "Krazy" merged with "Whizzer & Chips", this clucktastic
   pair continued to appear in the "Krazy" annuals and specials
   that Fleetway published into the 80s, with the pen shared
   between messrs Metcalfe and Williams once more.

   And then, in June 1988, they popped up out of the blue,
   in the pages of "Buster" comic for another lengthy run.
   But alas, these were simply reprints of those "Krazy"

   Chicken to the Birdbike!



  Birdman and
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy Comic
11th Dec 1976

Krazy Comic
15th April 1978

  Reprinted in:

  Buster Comic
  from June 1988

  Principal artist:

  Trevor Metcalfe

  Other artists:

  Thomas Williams


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