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  Short British Films &  TV Specials

     Paddington's Birthday Bonanza - copyright Paddington & Co. / FilmFair / CINAR

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  Birthday Bonanza
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producers: FilmFair
   animation: stop-motion animation
      run time: 24mins

"Mr Brown was looking forward to his birthday,
    and Paddington wanted to buy him something nice..."


    Paddington wants to buy something nice for Mr Brown's birthday, but he
    doesn't have enough money. His friend Mr Gruber has given him a book
    for inspiration, only "1001 Ways of Making Money" doesn't have anything
    in it to help a bear in a hurry. So Paddington is still searching for ideas...

    And one quickly forms, when an organ grinder shows up at the house.
    Mr Brown is not amused at having to fork out for a fellow who merely turns
    a handle... What a cheek!...Now, if he'd been a One Man Band, he might
    have been more forthcoming...
    Thus Paddington takes to the streets with his harmonica, though he gets
    short shrift from the neighbours and it looks like his moneymaking venture
    won't ever make some actual money. That is, until he arrives at the fashionable
    home of Mrs Daphne Smith Cholmley. She's throwing a party, and our little
    bear is mistaken for the replacement waiter. In no time at all, he's serving
    soup to her bemused guests. And soon after, he's taking over culinary
    duties in the kitchen, as Vladimir the chef does a runner. Paddington's
    affable ways and wiles delight his captive audience, and the following day
    her receives an invite to a televised charity ball she's staging, where there's
    a £50 cash prize on offer to the best couple of the night...

    Mrs Daphne Smith Cholmley

    So it's Paddington again, in FilmFair form, just as we know and love.
    Only, this particular Paddington is different, because the film is imbued
    with colour, everywhichway, from the credits to the backgrounds and
    even the cutouts. It's all in colour now, because this is one of two film
    specials made in the wake of Paddington's success in America (the
    other being "Paddington Goes to School"). The story is sound, and
    Paddington himself is as charming and self-effacing as ever. The sets
    too feature some delightful prop details, like the Wedgwood on Mrs
    Smith Cholmley's mantelpiece, and the photos of Aunt Lucy which
    adorn Paddington's bedroom. And yet... all that colour... it doesn't
    particularly add anything to proceedings. In fact, dare on say, it takes
    the shine off the film, somewhat. There's something just so chic about
    the original black and white concept. Why tinker with it?

    Well, tinkering aside, this is another classic little story in Paddington's
    cannon, animated with all the aplomb you'd expect of the FilmFair team.
    The young bear captures the camera's attention at the ball, and he
    never lets it go. He waltzes and rumbas with Mrs Smith Cholmley,
    all the way to first place, thanks to a misplaced marmalade sandwich.
    And soon he's won himself a £25 share of the winnings, which he uses
    for a special musical gift for Mr Brown...


    Hats off

    Paddington wears a yellow hat throughout this film!


    Paddington an his Great Aunt Lucy

    Aunt Lucy

    Well lookee here. Paddington's Great Aunt Lucy appears in two
    framed photographs in her nephew's bedroom...


    Busking badly

    Paddington knocks on three doors, without success, before he arrives at
    Mrs Cholmley Smith's party.

    At the first, he's met by an old codger and his bristling bulldog. Then he
    moves on to a big blue door, which turns out to be the main entrance to
    a Police Station. Finally, the occupant at #47 chases him away with the
    aid of a bucket of water!


    Suits you

    Look out for the suit of armour in Mrs Cholmley Smith's hallway. As
    Paddington totters past and outside, the head turns towards him!

    Is there someone inside - Or is it just a ghostly game by the animators?

    Incidental characters

    He's the troubled chef whose pastanovich looks more like mashed potatovich...

    Seymour Ward
    He's the geeen suited host at the charity ball...

    Alf Wiedersehen
    He conducts the band at said ball...


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   Current promos/tie-ins

Paddington Bakes a Cake

   Robert Harrop figures
    2008 is Paddington's 50th anniversary, don't you know. And to
    celebrate, Robert Harrop Designs have launched a range of collectable
 Stockists include the fine folks at Boojog Collectables...

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    Paddington's Birthday Bonanza on DVD

    In the UK, this film is paired up with "Paddington Goes to the
    Movies" as part a double-bill release:

     UK DVD Paddington Goes to the Movies
                Region 2 / double-bill /
Abbey Home Media / Oct 2007

    Paddington's Birthday Bonanza
     by Michael Bond

    a FilmFair presentation

    producer:                  Barrie Edwards
    exec producer:          Graham Clutterbuck

                  Glenn Whiting

    original film design:   Ivor Wood

    puppet animation:     Martin Pullen, Jo PierPiont- White
    model maker:            Linda Thodesen
    cut out animation:     Glenn Whiting, Colin White
    assisted by:              Elaine Koo, Sooo Smart
    trace and paint:         Heather Boucher, Kivelli Selly,
                                    Lynn Bailey, Steve Colwell,
                                    Lyn Sachs, Stephane Moriane
    lighting:                    Ted Martin
    prod assistant:          Mark Woodroffe

    paddington theme:    Herbert Chappel

    titles:                       The Optical House
    editor:                      Robert Dunbar
    assistant editor:        Sharon Johnson
    narrated by:              Sir Michael Hordern


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      Abbey Home Media
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