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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

   Book Worm
Bookworm loved books, simple as that. Each strip would see
    him solving problems, aiding and abetting folk and generally
    scoring one over Bad Guys and bullies with the aid of his
    novels, hardbacks, paperbacks and publications. Some times
    victory was achieved simply as a consequence of having read
    an article, or via some obscure association. The point being,
    reading can be helpful, and informative, and fun and - well -
    just an all-round good thing to do...

     Book Worm  reads......Book Worm laughs...

    Anyways, an essentially dull strip concept actually won
    through, thanks to Sid Burgon's fine penmanship and a
    conscious effort  to not make the star too nerdy. Plus,
    it wasn't always plain sailing (or reading?). Bookworm's
    bookish ways regularly got him into hot water with his
    parents and teachers...

      ...Book Worm titters!...

    Bookworm's star turn

    Bookworm was introduced to Whoopee! in April 1978.
    He joined the line-up in the same week as Dick Doobie, The
    Back To Front Man. Dick stole the headlines in the advertising
    build-up, and Bookworm was somewhat sidelined. But our
    book-lover had the last laugh. Whilst Dick came and went
    in a very short time, Bookworm went from strength to strength.
    He was ever-present in the weekly comics up to, and beyond,
    the merger with Whizzer & Chips in March 1985, when he
    subsequently became an honourary Chip-Ite, and continued
    to appear each week in the Chips section into 1986.
    By this time Barry Glennard was sharing duties on the
    strip, and a bunch of reprints werre popping up, but even so,
    you had to tip your hat to this well-read survivor.

    In 1983, Bookworm was given the ultimate Fleetway accolade
    when he got star billing on the Whoopee! annual. Not bad
    for a wordy nerd, eh?

    Bookworm or Book Worm?

    Over the years, the publishers alternated between a one-word
    billing and a two-word turn for our star. But when he first
    appeared, he was simply a one-word character, so we'll
    stick to that here on Fleetway St...



  Facts & Figures

  First seen in:


22nd April 1978

  Later seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips

  Original artist:

  Sid Burgon

  Other artists:

  Barry Glennard

  Bookworm - Cover Star of the 1983 Annual

  cover star:

  1983 annual


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