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Ethel And Ernest

Raymond Briggs
Jonathan Cape
104 colour pages

"He'll never get a proper job with hair like that!"

Briggs' biographical account of his parents life, from their fleeting first encounter,
through marriage and the birth of their son, and on
to their deaths. Mr Briggs' own
life is documented along the way and it's also, as it happens, a unique social
history of  life in Britain during the 20th century...
This moving work succeeds on so many levels. The artwork is, as ever, impeccable
with extraordinary detail used to capture the period spot-on. It's supported by
equally impeccable dialogue which encapsulates huge events and occurences
often with a just a simple exchange or even just a half-spoken line or utterance.
Take the case of Hiroshima and the A-Bomb:

   "You can't fight a war with bombs like that."
   "Why not?"
   "Everyone will be dead the first day."

'Ethel & Ernest' was awarded Best Illustrated Book Of The Year at the 1998
British Book Awards...

Ethel and Ernest Briggs previously appeared in an alternative guise as
Jim and Hilda Bloggs in Gentleman Jim and When The Wind Blows.
We have also had Ernie Bowyer the milkman in Sledges To The Rescue.
And on top of that, Ernest Briggs has an additional fleeting cameo
in Father Christmas. As for Raymond Briggs, well he surely bears
some resemblance to Unlucky Wally too...

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