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    Father Christmas Goes On Holiday


     author: Raymond Briggs
Hamish Hamilton
                 30 colour pages

Father Christmas needs some time off, but where will he go for his bloomin'
holidays? - His reindeer take him to France, Scotland, and finally, Las Vegas...

A sequel, of course, to Briggs' hugely-successful 'Father Christmas'. Just like
before, Santa is depicted as a rumbuctious loveable old rogue. And like before
dialogue is minimal, restricted in the main to Santa's 'bloomin' expletives.

   Hamish Hamilton - the Haggis shop!

Trivia Hounds may note, when FC is in Scotland he's tempted by the delights
on offer at a butcher's called Hamish McHamilton - an obvious reference
to Briggs' longtime publisher...

Briggs' 'Father Christmas' books were adapted  into an animated film by TVC
in 1991 with Mel Smith providing Santa's bloomin' voice...

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