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"Fee Fi Fo Fum" by Raymond Briggs

FEE FI FO FUM (1964)

     author: Raymond Briggs
publisher: Hamish Hamilton

             40 colour pages

  "A Picture book of nursery rhymes..."
  The third of Raymond Briggs' early works in which he illustrates
  a selection of classic and traditional rhymes and verses.

  As before, the selection is very clever. Some choices are instantly
  familiar - like that popular title verse - whilst others seem to have been
  plucked from near obscurity. How many do you recognise?

  Fee Fi Fo Fum
  Mrs Mason's Basin
  Good King Arthur
  When I was a Lad
  The Lion and the Unicorn
  The Queen of Hearts
  Old Sir Simon the King
  Golden Fishes
  Hark, Hark
  The Lady and the SWine
  The Little Nut Tree
  To the Snow
  Run, Boys, Run

  Both colour and black and white illustrations are featured.
  Run, Boys, Run features a splendidly fiery volcano, whilst
  young Sally skips past the moon, and onto the chimney-pots.
  But this reader likes To the Snow best of all, with its depiction
  of a kindly old woman in a mop cap, up on high. She's plucking
  goose feathers which, in turn, fall as a snowstorm on the patchwork
  countryside below... It's got a beguiling, dream-like charm...

  As mentioned, Fee Fi Fo Fum is the third in trilogy of
  anthology titles, the previous entries being:

  1962 Ring-A-Ring O'Roses
  1963 The White Land

  This adventure in verse culminated in the award-winning
  volume, The Mother Goose Treasury...


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers