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The Fairy Tale Treasury


selected by: Virginia Haviland
   illustrator: Raymond Briggs
   publisher: Hamish Hamilton
                    192 pages

A collection of classic fairy tales and stories from around the world, accompanied
by a myriad of extraordinary colour and black and white illustrations from Raymond
Briggs. Many are full page creations in vivid colour...

This is an excellent accompaniment to The Mother Goose Treasury. Mr
adapts his creations to suit each tale, switching and mixing black and white
and colour work, crosshatch, a little bit of pointilism, watercolour, felts and pastels.

There are comic strip panels in 'Gone Is Gone. 'One-Inch Fellow' begins with six
controlled Manga miniatures and culminates in a dynamic felt pen and crayon
double-page dragon. Illustrations roam across the pages, in and around the
text to magnificent effect. We see the poor Miller's Daughter and her loom
in 'Rumpelstiltskin'. She is a tiny figure at the bottom of the page, all but buried
beneath a mass of crosshatched golden straw, with a small barred window so
very high up above the text. A great green giant squints down at 'Puss In Boots'.
He's cramped up at the top of the page looking down, down to the little cat
between his boots - fabulous!...

A softback edition of this book was later combined with The Mother Goose
Treasury in a slipcased presentation called The Raymond Briggs Treasury.

Tales in the Fairy Tale Treasury include:

 The Gingerbread Boy                      Budulinek
The Sun & The Wind
 The Wolf & The Seven Little Kids      
The Miller, His Son & Their Donkey
 The Story Of The Three Little Pigs    
Akaima & The Clay Man
 The Old Woman & Her Pig              
 The Bremen Town Musicians
 The Little Red Hen & The Grain         
The Frog Prince
 Of Wheat                                     
The Elves & The Shoemaker
 The Story Of The Three Bears         
 Puss In Boots
 The Turnip                                   
 Gone Is Gone                               
 The Three Billy-Goats Gruff             
 Little Red-Riding Hood
 The Golden Goose                         
 Molly Whuppie
 The Half-Chick                              
 The History Of Tom Thumb              
 One-Inch Fellow 
 Jack & The Beanstalk                     
 The Real Princess
 From Tiger To Anansi
                      The Emperor's New Clothes
                                                   The Ugly Duckling

See also:  The Mother Goose Treasury
                 The Raymond Briggs Treasury


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers