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Fungus The Bogeyman


     author: Raymond Briggs
publisher: Hamish Hamilton
38 colour pages

A day in life of a bogeyman who it seems, exists merely to torment us
'Drycleaners'. Briggs' study of bogeydom revels in all things putrid, puked
and lavatorial. The Bogey's world is intricately detailed and Fungus comes
across as a complex, emotional character who quotes liberally and
mournfully on the worthlessness of his existence...

Briggs fills every page with literary allusion:

Cold Comfort Farm  

See? - She's fleeing from 'Cold Comfort Farm'. Meanwhile, the
Public Liberality (that's 'library' to you and I) hold such titles as:
'Cider With Bogey', 'Lady Chatterley's Bogey', 'A Room
With A Bogey' and 'Anna Of The Five Bogeys'

Fungus inspired Sir Paul McCartney to write the track
'Bogey Music' in 1980.

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  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers