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  Gentleman Briggs - a Raymond Briggs fan site

Gentleman Jim



        author: Raymond Briggs
    publisher: Hamish Hamilton
                     30 colour pages

Jim Bloggs is a cleaner in the council toilets, but he dreams  of a better life.
When he attempts to advance those dreams  he finds his way blocked by
bureaucratic red tape and, eventually, he winds up in court charged with
highway robbery...

The Working Class revolution starts here! -  Jim and Hilda Bloggs represent
the Worker Ant toiling against the will of the authorities. And the authority figures
on display here are presented as ridiculous geometric caricatures. The Traffic
Warden is faceless, just a nose and small fascist moustache beneath his cap.  
Likewise the Council Inspector with his beak nose and bowler hat. And then,
at the climax, there's the Judge depicted for  most panels as a sharp beak
nose protruding from a barrister's wig...

This is all in complete contrast to Jim and the friendlier people he encounters,  
with their round rosy cheeks and carefully observed mannerisms...

Jim and Hilda Briggs are, in fact, representations of Raymond Briggs' own
parents, Ethel and Ernest. The tactic worked so well that the author cleverly
brought them back in a harrowing nuclear sequel, When The Wind Blows.


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers