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Jim And The Beanstalk


      author: Raymond Briggs
publishers: Hamish Hamilton / Puffin Books
                  40 pages


'When he reached the top of the plant, Jim saw a castle.
I'm hungry,' he said. 'I'll ask at the castle for breakfast.
I hope they have cornflakes.'

A modern sequel to the famous pantomime tale. Jim climbs the
magic beanstalk outside his window, whereupon he discovers an
out-of-sorts giant. Jim fixes him up with new spectacles, false
teeth and a red curly wig, only to find the giant now revitalised and
keen to sup on his favourite dish - Fried boy!

   The Giant reads Briggs books too!    
Jim And The Beanstalk - Puffin cover

Trivia Hounds might note that, on page 23, the books The Giant
reads after Jim gives him his new glasses include 'The White Land',
'Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum' and 'Ring-O'-Roses' - all three are, of course,
earlier titles written and illustrated by our favourite author!
(see: bibliography)

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  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers