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   Midnight adventure by Raymond Briggs


     author:  Raymond Briggs
publisher:  Hamish Hamilton / Beaver Books
                  80 pages
                  59 b/w illustrations


'Gerry crouched down over the paper,
muttering the words to himself as he wrote,

On a late night fishing expedition, Gerry Martin and Tim Rogers catch more
than they bargained for when they stumble upon a gang of thieves, raiding the
local golf club...

A short, but evocative tale here from Raymond Briggs:

'His footsteps sounded loud in the silence, and the rustle of
the trees, almost unnoticed in the day time, made it seem
as if the sea were just behind the houses...'

The book's simple tale deals with a small-scale adventure, very much a
'real' encounter. It's all torches under the bedcovers, scallywags, and Dixon-style
coppers. Kids just don't behave like this anymore, of course. Come to think of it,
neither do adults. Nonetheles Briggs' writing captures the spirit of the era

   Midnight Adventure 1976 edition from Beaver Books

This alternative cover is from a 1976 Beaver paperback reprint which, surprisingly,
features artwork by Tony Morris and not the author...

The two young stars Tim and Gerry also feature in a second book,
The Strange House...

Bizarrely, the young lad who features in Briggs' third novel
Sledges To The Rescue is called Tim Martin - a combination of
the two names!


  all copyright belongs to Raymond Briggs and his publishers