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Ug - Boy Genius Of The Stone Age


Raymond Briggs
Jonathan Cape
28 colour pages

"What's for breakfast, Mum?"
"Same as always - bits of dead animals..."

Ug lives in the Stone Age with his Dad (Dug) and his Mum (Dugs) where
everything is made of stone and there are no 'nice' things, or 'soft' things to
speak of. That includes the ridiculous stone trousers Ug and the rest of
his tribe wear. If only there was a way to change those trousers, to make
soft garments for himself...

Great whimsical stuff here from Mr Briggs. The tale is jam-packed with
anachronisms, all wittily pointed out to readers. Ug is a deep-thinking,
inspirational character always questioning the world around him. If anyone
can advance their civilization it's Ug. But can he think far enough ahead...?

The full sub-title to this terrific tale is:

"Ug - Boy Genius Of The Stone Age And His
Search For Soft Trousers"



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