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When The Wind Blows


 run time: 85mins
 directtor: Jimmy T Murakami
producer: John Coates
     music: Roger Waters
                Title track sung byDavid Bowie
    voices: Peggy Ashcroft
                John Mills

An adaptation of Raymond Briggs' applauded picture book in which Jim and
Hilda Bloggs put their faith in the hands of a wholly incompetent government
as they prepare for nuclear winter...

Jim and Hilda are traditional cel characters overlayed against photographic scenery
in this harrowing adaptation. A tough but worthy watch with an electric score
from Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, and others.

  Jim Bloggs

Jim Bloggs was of course, originally the title star of Briggs' 'Gentleman Jim' book.
He and his wife Hilda were then brought back for this devastating follow-up...  

I've written a more thorough appraisal of this provocative film in the pages of
Toonhound's Movie Toon Guide...

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