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British Comic Strips

        The Broons

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The Broons
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              artists:  Dudley Watkins / Ken Harrison
   appearances:  1936 - present
                           weekly in The Sunday Post
                          1939 - present
                          biannual editions, published
                          by DC Thomson


    "Tha's braw!"

     Crivvens! - The Broons are Scotland's First Family, a bawdy bunch who have
     inhabited No. 10 Glebe Street since 1936. The extended family includes
     Maw and Paw Broon, Granpaw Broon, big Daphne Broon, bookish Horace,
     hunky Joe Broon, glamorous Maggie, lanky Hen Broon, the Broon twins and
     'the wee bairn'. They're quintessential working class clansfolk, regularly hard-up
     but always rich with love and laughter and language - indeed, their broad
     dialect can  be almost impenetrable to us southern fearties.

       Paw Broon agog   Dowdy Daphne & glamorous Maggie

     The gang first appeared in the pages of Scotland's Sunday Post newspaper,
     where they still feature each week, almost eighty years on,  but they're also
     just as well known for their annual appearances. DC Thomson have published
     Broons Annuals since 1939, alternating them each year with that young Scots
     loon Oor Wullie (although they paused during WWII owing to a paper shortage).

     The strips were intially drawn by the late great comics genius that was Dudley
     Watkins. After his death in 1969 the publishers made do with reprinted strips
     until 1979 when other artists were drafted in, principally Ken H Harrison -
     another comics genius. Broons strips are always handsomely staged and
     detailed, in the classic comics tradition with full-bodied figures. The times may
     have changed but the Broons remain irrascibly old-fashioned, even though
     newer strips have embraced the likes of Nintendoes, nightclubs and karaokes.
     For many northern folks the Broons are as Scottish as Irn Bru, stovvies, and
     Hogmanay, and you know, that's nae bad thing, hen...


     "Sunday morn's the very best
      Time to catch Daph an' the rest
      An' where tae find this happy host?
      The pages o' The Sunday Post!"

» The Broons at
'The Wee Bairn'  


      On the web

The Broons & Oor Wullie Shop
Oh, that's braw! - Here's an official online store from DC Thomson!

That's Braw
       And this is a treat too - exactly what Broons fans are after. Gavin's put
       together a collection of useful scans, including the first-ever Broons
       strip, and he's done the same for Oor Wullie. There are annual covers
       here too and a fantastic biography of artist Dudley Watkins. Pleasant
       tartan presentation, simple, clear navigation...

       The New Year Co.
       A New Year celebration site from 'The New Year Co.' in which
       The Broons guide the newcomer through the traditions of Hogmanay
       and Ne'er Day. Panels load quickly in non-flashed form. Oh, and you
       can also send Broons Ne'er Day greetings. An old site now, but
       worth a look all the same..

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