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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

       Brown Bear's Wedding

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Brown Bear's
(1991 )
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producers: FilmFair for Central TV
   animation: cel animation
      run time:
22 mins


    "She's wonderful... She's so beautiful...
     She's fantastic... She's... Gone!"


    Brown Bear lives high in the snowy mountains. Though he has Owl for company,
    and the mice, squirrels, the birds and even the fish in his lake for friendship,
    something is still missing from his life. And that "something" is found one
    Winter's day, when Brown Bear encounters the beautiful White Bear,
    ice-skating on the lake.

    Suddenly the little things of life come to the fore. Brown Bear's home could do
    with a clean, he really should darn his socks, and the drafty cabin is rather lonely.
    Brown Bear's in love, though it takes time to register with him. Then he dreams of
    meeting his White Bear again on the ice and skating away with her. And so, with
    Owl's asistance, Brown Bear sets out to woo her...

    This FilmFair production is adapted from the book by French author Martine
    Beck. "Le Mariage d'Ours Brun et d'Ours Blanche" featured illustrations by
    Marie H Henry. The movie is appealingly simple. There are no great dramas
    here, no enemies to overcome, just the gentle trials and tribulations of courtship
    and romance. Brown Bear
and White Bear ice skate together, partake of hot
    chocolate, and ski away together as romance blossoms. Oh, but Brown Bear
    simply can not find the courage to follow his heart through. Eventually, he's
    encouraged to put his flighty thoughts down on paper. When White Bear reads
    his words, her heart is won over...

    Brown Bear's romance was so successful it spawned a sequel. "White Bear's
    Secret" was revealed by the same production team in 1992.

    Producer Peter Lewis co-wrote both adaptations with Barbara Slade. They
    went on to create
The Legends of Treasure Island, also for FilmFair, and
    Barbara's ongoing writing credits include episodes of Angelina Ballerina.


     White Bear

     Brown Bear's letter

    "Dear White Bear...  Your eyes are like stars, and your fur is
     whiter than the moon. You have captured my heart. Will you
     look at the moon and stars with me, forever?


      a FilmFair Production for
      Central Independent Television

                   Chris Randall
     producer:              Peter Lewis
     exec producer:      David Yates
     adaptation:           Peter Lewis with Barbara Slade
                                 based on the book by
                                 Martine Beck and Marie H Henry
     original music:       Barrington Pheloung
     dir of animation:    Chris Randall

     storyboard:           Barry Macey

     facilities:               Moving Images International

     prod man MIII:       Louis Jhocson
     key animation:       Doods Busmente, Rey Dagsaan,
                                  Leo de los Santos, Jun Fernandez,
                                 Jun Libunao, Royce Ramos, Benny Quilitan,
     layout artists:        Kinjo Estioko, Joy Estioko,
 Norman Baculi,
                                 Abeth dela Cruz, Jun Adanan III,                         
     layout co-ord:       Lynn Maghari
     backgrounds:        Colorkey Productions Ltd
     clean-up &
      Bonnie Fishbon
     anim checking:      Fran Lawrence
     colour styling:       Marie Turner, Candy Alejandrino Chaves
     tracing co-ord:      Roel Macute Medel
     painting co-ord:    Flora Almario, Barbara Bago
     paint checking:     Angel Bocalan
     painting:              Painted Images
     spfx:                   Toby Barreto
     rostrum cam:       Elias Macute, Frank Aguila
     prod assts MIII:    Jepot de Jesus, Mel Ladao
     dub mix:              Bob Jackson
     telecin col:           Colin Peters
     editors:               Andi Sloss, Jackie Munro    
     voices:                Joss Ackland (Brown Bear)
                               Helena Bonham-Carter (White Bear)
                               Hugh Laurie (Owl / Mice)


      On the web


       The official site for composer Barrington Pheloung...

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