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Commercial and corporate creations

     The Buds - Buddy and Zooma drawn by Suid Burgon for Budgen Supermarkets

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The Buds      (1986)
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           artist: Sid Burgon
   commission: Budgen Supermarkets



    The Buds were walking, talking flower buds derived from the name of Budgen
     Supermarkets - otherwise known as Budgens. The gang comprised of Buddy,
     Zooma, Rose, Ali and Budgeni, and flighty Budgie and together they fronted
     The Budgens Bud Club, a kids club for budding young customers which was
     launched back in 1986...

     Buddy was the hip orange Bud, never seen without his trendy transistor radio.
     Rose was a pretty pink Bud, and Zooma a zippy yellow Bud full of energy.
     Ali Bud was blue and he carried around a fizzy drinks can from which would
     emerge the spectre of Budgeni. Flying over and above them all was little
     Budgie the bird.      

     For the princely sum of £1.00 folks would get a Bud Club Members Pack
     comprising of a membership card, Buds certificate, Buds Club badge, Buds
     wall poster, a pack of crayons, and details of a Buds colouring competition.
     Most importantly of all, the Buds had their very own in-store comic. This
     comprised of 12 full-colour pages and included a fantastic Buds comic strip,
     drawn by the great Sid Burgon, of Fleetway comics fame. At the time, Sid
     was also producing strips for Whizzer and Chips and their ilk, amongst them
     Joker, Ivor Lott & Tony Broke, Book Worm and Lolly Pop. The Buds were
     distinctly "Burgonesque" in design, and the stories very much in keeping
     with the spirit of those Fleetway strips, even though they were a corporate

   The Buds Go On Holiday in issue #2  

     Budgens threw a bit of weight behind their new club. By the time issue
     number two hit stores they boasted more than 1,000 Buds Club members,
     and costumed Bud characters were photographed visiting schools around
     the supermarket catchment area. The Buds weren't the most inspired
     creations in the world, but the strips were faultless, and those Buds
     mini-comics make interesting reading...      


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