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British Movie Toons
Bob the Builder: Built to be Wild copright HIT Entertainment

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Bob the Builder:
   Built to be Wild
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producers: HOT Animation
                     for HIT Entertainment
stop-motion animation
      run time:


   "We're all going on a Cowboy Holiday,
    No more building for a week or two!"


    In this fourth feature-length special, Bob the Builder and his pals saddle
    up for a holiday in the Wild West. The gang make tracks for The Double
    R Ranch, home to Rio Rogers, her horse dollar and her trusty Pick-up
    truck Jackeroo. They've come to learn some good old-fashioned cowboy
    skills, but inevitably, events lead them down more constructive avenues.

    The constructions in question belong to Cactus Creek, a prospector town
    founded by Rio's Great Great Granddaddy Rusty Rogers. Alas, the place
    is a mere ghost town nowadays, having been abandonned when the gold
    ran out. Rio has her heart set on fixing it up, and there's even a rumour of
    a stash of gold hidden somewhere near town - though she's not set eyes
    on it. Why, it's probably just another Tall Story to sit alongside the ones
    she just loves to tell her visitors. And she also loves a singsong. Which is
    great for Bob, Wendy and the machines, because they all get on down
    to a spot of line-dancing at every oppurtunity...

    But back on our trail again, it's poor hapless Muck the Bulldozer who
    kickstarts the construction work, when he inadvertently collapses much
    of Cactus Creek. The gang simply can't leave the place in such a state,
    so they swap their stetsuns for hard hats and set about the place.

    Meanwhile, there's Muck. He's been dreaming of a Western adventure,
    but all he's done is destroy the town. And now he's destroyed a rickety
    old bridge too, and it's all going wrong. Bob sends him away to clear
    out an old barn. Only this barn contains a secret; a tunnel leading to a
    mine shaft and a hair-raising rollecrcoaster ride on a mine cart down,
    down, down to Rusty Rogers' treasure!

     Spud on a "wild" ride!   Rio Rogers - Yeehaa!

    Yee-ha! - "Built to be Wild" is a cracking little film that's impossible not
    to like. Rowdy Rio Rogers is voiced with real gusto by pop legend Suzi
    Quatro. She throws her all into the songs and those taller-than-tall tales,
    and hearthrob Donny Osmond is equally-sparky as Jackeroo.

    Okay, so the plot doesn't go anywhere new, but the widescreen Western
    action incorporates an array of incidental details and events to make you
    smile. Look at the way high-falutin' Rio slaps her thigh when she's excited,
    and how she casually tunes her guitar before she sings for the gang. Look
    at the dust trails that are kicked up around the town, whenever a critter
    gallops through frame. There are dune bugs, vultures and rattlesnakes poking
    around the canyons and buttes. And that fantastic, helter-skeltering mine
    sequence is worth the price of admission on its own...

    Woah, woah. Hold up. What's all this talk about admission fees?
    That's because "Built to be Wild" broke new ground by premiering in
    UK cinemas, on July 8th 2006. It played as part of a "Family Bonanza"
    film tour from HIT Entertainment, alongside Angelina Ballerina's film
    "Angelina Sets Sail" and some Pingu shorts. The package was an
    Odeon chain exclusive and it toured around the UK through to
    August 6th. The UK DVD release didn't follow until November.

» The film opens with Muck having a cinemascope dream in which he's
        become Mucky Muck of the West. That's similar to the opening of the
        previous film, "Snowed Under", in which Scoop's the one dreaming.
        Will a fifth film begin with Rolly, or Lofty or Dizzy in a daydream...?

» Listen out for the song "Cowboy Builders", in which Bob and the gang
        rouse us with a tune about their work in the West, rather than their
        reputation in the industry!

» And look out, too, for a moonlit continuity error. You see, the moon is
        full and round when the gang settle down to a supper with Rio. But later
        that same evening, as they bed down for the night, it's mysteriously
        reduced to a crescent - Ow-ooo!

» Oh, and that title takes its cue from the classic Steppenwolf
        song "Born to be Wild"...


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     Built to be Wild on DVD

     UK DVD 
Bob the Builder: Built to Be Wild
                 Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / November 2006

     USA DVD 
Bob the Builder: Built to Be Wild
                 Region 1 / Lyons/HIT Ent / September 2006


    a HOT Animation Production
    for HIT Entertainment Ltd


exec producer:

original music
and songs:

songs recorded at:
song rec engineers:
end credit music


additional anim:

line dance
choreog consultant:

& machines:
co-ordinator for HOT:


props master:

prod runners:
studio asst:
art direction
& realisation:
assistant to
the art directors:
set dressing:

st'board breakdown:
st'board artists:

lighting camera:
ad lighting camera:
camera assistant
& studio manager:
additional camera

technical support:
editor & dubbing ed:
ad dubbing editors:
track reader:
voice rec studio:

dubbing mixer:
on line:

prod assistant:
prod asst/continuity:
script editors:

finance office:

PA to the producer:
HR co-ordinators:
head of global
production for HIT:
prod man for HIT:
post-prod co-ord
for HOT:
asst prod manager:
asst line producer
for pre-production:

Jackie Cockle
Jocelyn Stevenson
Geoff Walker, Jackie Cockle

Sarah Ball
Keith Chapman

Keith Hopwood
Clinton Boland, Elmear Bradley,
Phil Bush, Barrie Cooper,
Carl Davis, Nico Dean
Colin Hinds, Keith Hopwood,
Sarah Jory, Paul Need,
Sue Quin, Len Whitehead
Air-Edel Associates

Nick Taylor, Cameron McBride
composed by Paul K Joyce
arranged by Keith Hopwood
"Summer Holiday"
written by Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett
published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd
John Chorlton, Justin Exley,
Matt Smart, Oliver Putland,
Victor Georgiev, Kev Walton,
Paul Couvela, Timon Dowdeswell,
Chris Titchbourne
Kurste Bythell, Kim Emson,
Dale Hemenway, Charlie Hopkins,
Jan Mass, Matt Palmer,
Merike Van De Vijver,
Inge Van Wijngaarden,
Jud Walton

Zoe Hulme

Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd.

Leigh Manning

Kristian Burdsall
The As and When Men
Geraldine Corrrigan, Karen Betty,
Michelle Pouncey
Nigel Place
Jon Kershaw, Darren Gillingham,
Darren Goodhead, James Taylor,
Clare Jones, Ryan Hamer,
Gethin Wyn Jones
Machala Pochec, Jenny Hollinshead
Andrew Bottomley
Curtis Jobling

Barbara Biddulph, Richard Edmunds

Jon Fletcher
Robin Jackson, Hilary Utting,
Trisha Budd, Rebecca Schofield,
Tony Morris, Alan Henry
Sarah Ball
Les Eaves, Kate Charlesworth,
Vincent James
Iain Karim, Sam James
Andy McCormack, Toby Howell

Paul Jones

Ben Jones, Beth McDonald,
Steven Andrews
Chris Lovegrove
Rob Francis
Adam Taylor, Victoria Lyon Dean
Bruce Marshall
Wild tracks Audio Studios
Graham Pickford, Greg Hollins,
Alan Kiernan
Paul Harrison
422 Manchester
Steve Shadforth, Mike Flower
Jo Aslett (for HIT)
Terry Bane
Sam Barlow, Jocelyn Stevenson
Jackie Cockle
Sarah McQuire, Julia Salt,
Joanne Bell
Sally Jellyman
Donna Myers, Leanne Murphy

Karen Davidsen
Laura Dimaio

Kate Nowakowski
Melissa Rogers

Kathryn Gunn
Neil Morrissey (Bob)
Rob Rackstraw (Spud / Travis)
Kate Harbour (Wendy / Dizzy)
Suzi Quatro (Rio Rogers)
Donny Osmond (Jackeroo)



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