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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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    Ain't nothin' else here but those chickens!

   Welcome to Bunty's Booty!

   For "Chicken Run" collectors
   everywhere, here is a unique
   online archive detailing the
   products and promos that were
   producd in conjunction with
   this fine first feature from
   Aardman Animation....


   August 2005 - Booty news...

   • Added new Wesco
info and images...
  • New pics on the Custom Accesories page...     


      Rocky & Ginger

   In Summer 2000, Aardman/Dreamworks' "Chicken Run" proved
   to be a huge hit, both on and off screen, around the world.
   Like all Summer blockbusters nowadays there were umpteen
   promtional tie-ins and products out there - especially in
   the UK - and they continued right through to the film's
   DVD/video release.

   But that was fine with me, you see "Chicken Run"s tie-ins
   were way-better than most. That's because Aardman
   already had mature licensing arrangements in place with
   a plethora of High Street names, thanks to the phenomenal
   success of Wallace & Gromit. The same character control
   was on show here, so almost every tie-in product smacked
   of quality, and there wasn't a dodgy character likeness
   in sight.

   Here then, is an ever-expanding round-up of the best 
   "Chicken Run" products and promos. But do please note,
   this site is one hundred percent unofficial and I have no
   connection whatsoever with any of the companies or
   products detailed herein. As for those of you collecting,
   I'm afraid that most - if not all - of these goodies have
   long-since disappeared from stores. All you can do now
   is to keep scouring secondhand markets and auction
   sites in the hope that something might show up...

   Meanwhile if I've missed out something great let me know
   and I'll share it with the world. Oh, and when you're through
   here, why not pop on over to Cracking Collectibles and see
   where it all began?

    Happy hounding!

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