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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
"Little Charley Bear" (Chapman ERntertainment/Annix Studios)


  Charley Bear

   producers: Chapman Entertainment
                     & Annix Ltd
   animation: 3D animation

     episodes: 52 x 7mins

"Imagine you could fly a plane, race a car, drive a train,
    Would you want to?..."


    You've got to love Little Charley Bear. He's a stuffed toy bear who's cute as
    a button, and he's always ready to play in his make-believe world with his
    toys Rivet, Midge, Bellarina, Nibblit and Frozo. He acts and behaves just
    like a little furry preschooler, and he's steered through the ups and downs
    of his little-big adventures by way of our friendly Narrator (Matthew Cordon).
    Charley doesn't speak to us directly, but he breaks the fourth wall to
    respond with his actions. Charley's mood swings with the ups and
    downs of his experiences, just like a real toddler. But whether he's
    happy or sad or anything else in between, he remains completely,
    unabashedly adorable.

    Are you there, Charley Bear?

    Charley's rarely in his toy box at the start of each episode, so we have
    to track him down, as our Narrator asks: "Are you there, Charley Bear?"
    And when we find him, well, that's when the fun and games can begin.
    Charley takes his toys on wild flights of imagination, from wild jungles
    to tall mountains, football stadiums to theatrical stages - his
    imagination roams everywhichway.

    A little history

    "Little Charley Bear" was created by Daniel Pickering and Annix Studios,
    back in 2007. Originally, HIT Entertainment were going to distribute the series,
    CBeebies signed up as the broadcast partner in December 2008, and production
    was scheduled to commence the following month, in January 2009, but little
    Charley was put on hold because of the poor financial climate. After an
    eight month hiatus, Chapman Entertainment (Fifi) stepped up to the plate.
    They purchased the series from Annix Studios in September 2009, and
    Charley and his toybox pals could finally be brought to life...


     Little Charley's pals

     Here's a rundown of Charley's toy pals, together with their first
     appearance (in brackets)...

     Rivet - a robot (ep 1)
     Midge - a small plush bear (ep 2)
     Bellarina - a wooden toy doll (ep 3)
     Nibblit - a plush toy tabbit (ep 3)
     Caramel - a wooden toy cow (ep 3)
     Frozo - a squeaky toy penguin (ep 5)


    Know your Charleys!

    Don't get confused, folks. Chapman's Charley Bear is spelt with an "ley".
    and he lives a hundred acres away from those plush, collectable Charlie Bears


     Bears alive!

     Charley isn't the first toy bear to come to life. Here in the UK, walking
     talking teddy bears are part of our kids tv fabric. Here are a few you
     might recall...


     Old Bear

     The Bosworths & The Bumbles
     Inspector Hector

     Mr Tubby Bear


    Series One

    Teddy for Blast-Off
    Basketball Midge
    Charley on Safari
    Big Little Charley
    Pop Star Charley
    Charley's Big Match
    Lights, Shoes, Nibblit!
    Big Top Bellerina
    Charley Go Fish
    Teddy on a String
    Ready Teddy Go
    Farmer Bear
    Wild West Caramel

Snow Place for Frozo
Monkeying with Midge
Scarecrow Charley
Castaway Charley
Art in the Park
Charley Bear, Sock Detective
Charley Snaps
Downhill Rivet
Midge's Birthday
Sandcastle for Caramel
Charley Races Rivet
Bear at Sea

Mountain Rescue Midge


     Broadcast info

     The series premiered on CBeebies on Monday 10th January 2011 at 9:30am.... 


     Little Charley Bear on DVD

UK DVD Little Charley Bear: Are You There Charley Bear?
                Region 2 / seven episodes / 2 Entertain / June 2011

UK DVD Little Charley Bear: Ready, Teddy, Go!
                Region 2 / seven episodes / 2 Entertain / October 2011

UK DVD Little Charley Bear: Antarctic Charley
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / January 2012

UK DVD Little Charley Bear: Charley on Safari
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / May 2012


     a Chapman Entertainment Ltd production
     animation by Annix Studios

     created and produced by Daniel Pickering

executive producers:

executive producers
for CBeebies:

producer for Chapman:
line producer & dop:
creative director for Annix:
creative director for

script editor
& lead writer:

theme tune and
music written by
title song performed by:
recorded at:

animation supervisor:
background artist:

render wrangler:
head of IT:
technical director:
sound supervisor:
production manager:
production co-ordinators:
production accountant:
production assistant:

Mark Woollard
Gregory Lynn
Emily Whinnett
Andrew Haydon

Kay Benbow
Jackie Edwards
Mandy Kamester
Nadia Harti
Stuart Galloway
Antony "H" Haylock

Keith Chapman

Ross Hastings
Ross Hastings, Anna Starkey, Marc Seal

Ronnie Johnson
Chris Madin
the voice & music company
Richenda Wheeler
Jet Cooper, Patrick Wade
Alessio Agosti
Andrew Lamb
Abha Lakhotia, Graham Skinner,
James Hickey, John Knowles,
Juan Jose Bravo, Marie Verhoeven,
Richard Vaucher, Simon Brown
Owen Frankland, Daniel Edwards
Neil Damman
Alexander Scott Mason
Barry Zubel
Nick Lee
Mark Gilleece
Wayne Reay
Samantha Lynch
Toby Stafford, Claire Pugh-Williams
Stephen Harding
Sarah Humphrey
James Corden


      On the web

      Little Charley Bear
      The official site...

      They filled Charley with stuffing....

      Chapman Entertainment
      And they steered him on to our screens....

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