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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

    Cheeky Summer Special 1978
  Summer Special 1978

   Oh yes, this is Cheeky's very own special, all right. Our
   bucktoothed buffon gets a whopping 22 pages of seaside
   stupidity here, scattered through the publication, plus a
   double-page joke selection and that cover, front and back

   As was Fleetway's wont at the time, there's no Cheeky
   title panel anywhere, we just drop in on the lad's continuing 
   adventures, move on to another strip, then return again
   from whence we left off. And Frank McDiarmid and Jim
   Watson appear to pas the pen backwards and forwards
   throughout the special.

   Oddly, Cheeky loses out on the centrepage spread which
   is given over to Cliff Brown's "Treasure Hunt Game".
   It's a very busy piece, in full colour. But where are the
   Fleetway stars?

   Elsewhere, we get a few familiars from "Cheeky Weekly",
   "Mustapha Million", "Six Million Dollar Gran" and "The
   Skateboard Squad", and our reprinted guests include
   "Ringer Dinger" and "Soggy the Sea Monster".
   But there's one extra-strange guest strip in the form of
   "Sylvester and Tweety", the infamous cartoon cat and
   bird duo from the Looney Tunes stable. It's a very odd
   inclusion, and it's not tied in to any particular promotion.
   It's just there on page 54, in black and white and "printed
   by arrangement with Western Publishing, USA".

   Ze frecnh Foreign Legion

   But there's also a one-off wonder which surely trumps
   everything. It's a fanastically irreverant tale titled
   "Ze French Foreign Legion - An Epic Filmed on Location
   at Cockleshell-on-Sea" and it's drawn by that chap
   called "Clayton" (of "Paddwack" fame).The strip invloves
   a bunch of British holidaymakers adopting legionary hats
   and dueling at the beach, with some outrageous pidgin
   French accents, and it's a gem!...

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   Cheeky                                   Treasure Hunt Game
   Mustapha Million                         
Six Million Dollar Gran              Joke pages:
The Skateboard Squad             Cheeky's A-Z of Seaside Jokes

   Guest strips:
Ringer Dinger 
   Soggy the Sea Monster

   Sylvester and Tweety

   One-off wonders:
   Ze French Foreign Legion

   Adventure strips:
   Malice in Wonderland



  Cheeky Summer
  Special 1978
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Cheeky, Lily Pop
  and Ursula the
  Usherette by
  Frank McDiarmid


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