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  Monster Fun Comic characters and strips...

As her name suggests, Cinders was a fairytale dragon
   who could breathe fire. She was an amorous beastie who
   wore pearls on her dragon ears, loved to use lipstick and
   perfume and dwelt in a pretty cave garbed with lace curtains
   and a heart above the entrance. But the focus of her
   over-amourous inclinations wasn't a male dragon. Instead,
   our Cinders was besotted with the idea of wooing a
   handsome Knight in Armour - so besotted, in fact, she
   brought chaos to the kingdom with her ungainly pursuits.
   Knights and Courtiers alike were terrified of the
   pouting lizard....

   Each strip started with our Cinders sighing and bemoaning the
   lack of visiting Knights. She would then trot off to find one, and
   when she did, drive them to wrack and ruin. They would flee to
   the hills as soon as her back was turned...

   Cinders featured unique speech bubbles when e'er she talked.
   They all came out heart-shaped, accentuating her impassioned
   thoughts. But alas, neither those Knights or Cinders herself
   stuck around for long. The strip held the privileged back cover
   slot in Monster Fun each week for just twelve issues before it
   was dropped. And the poor gal never appeared at all in the
   Monster Fun Annuals. Indeed, so far I've only tracked down
   on reprinted appearance sixteen years later in a 1991 Funny
   Fortnightly edition...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Monster Fun #1
  21st April 1973


  Monster Fun #12
  30th Aug 1975


  Fortnightly 1991

  Tag line:

  "She's hot stuff!"


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