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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

Krazy had Paws, Whoopee! had Claws. Paws was a dog,
    whilst Claws was a cat. He was always on the scrounge
    for food to fill his ever-rumbling tum, much like Stoker in
    Whoopee! before him, or Ginger from Ginger's Tum in
    Whizzer & Chips.

    Claws shared the same artist as Paws and was conceived
    to a similar set of rules: Namely, he would interact with
    human folk around him, but although they were speaking
    to each other there would always appear to be a distance
    between them. They were in fact speaking "at" each other,
    in wholly different tongues...

    This scribbled scraggy moggy turned up later on as a
    reprint in the Best of Whoopee! Monthly...



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