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  Knockout characters and strips...

    Yum! - It's Cooky...
 Cooky was a budding young chef whose keenness frequently
    outstripped her culinary ability. Cooky's cooking always
    seemed to go wrong, to burn, to curdle, to deflate, to scorch,
    to harden, to melt, to frazzle or evaporate. Things were so
    bad even her jam rolly polly wouldn't stay unrolled:

     Not so yum! - Cooky's cooking backfires...

    Still, things usually turned out okay in the end. Cooky's
    dishes would end up as baby bouncers, special effects
    models, wedding confetti and a whole host of extraordinary
    alternatives. Her meals were also regularly used to drive
    away nagging overweight relatives like Aunt Jane and
    Big Uncle Albert....

    Cooky's Mum and Dad were, on the whole, most understanding
    of her shortcomings in the kitchen and would do their best
    not to run down her efforts or dissuade her from her hobby.
    Although his profession was never specifically identified
    "Dad" appeared to be a backroom technician of sorts at the
    Knockout Film Studios - several strips had him taking Cooky's
    burnt offerings to work, to be used in an alternative role...

     Cooky's Mum and Dad

    Cooky's cooking was sampled each and every week through
    Knockout's short run. The poor lass was then dropped from
    the Fleetway roster when the comic merged with Whizzer
    & Chips in June 1973...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Knockout #1
  12th June 1971


  23rd June 1973


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