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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

    Cor!! Holiday Special 1976
  Holiday Special 1976

   Robert Nixon kicks off proceedings with a classic cover,
   starring Ivor Lott and Tony Broke. Inside are most of our
   favourite Cor!! stars, with "Jasper the Grasper" and
   "Val's Vanishing Cream" being the notable ommissions.

   Elsewhere, Tom Paterson has fun with his guest strip,
   "Dial T for Twitt", in which special agent Sam Twitt
   investigates Professor Klott's shrinking device...   

   And Les Barton has a number of contributions. He draws
   "Night Mare", "Chalky", and all the games pages, including
   "Look... Look... Look..!" which is a memory game stuffed
   with busyness to study and memorise...

   Featured Cor!! strips:                Puzzles & games:

   Andy's Ants
                               Look... Look... Look..!
                                      Tease Break!
   Donovan's Dad                            Untitled games page
   Football Madd
   The Gasworks Gang                    Joke pages:
Gus Gorilla                                 Jolidays
Hire a Horror                               Travel Ticklers
   Ivor Lott and Tony Broke
   Jack Pott                                    Most appearances:
   Jelly Baby                                   4 -
Football Madd
   Night Mare                                       Hire a Horror
   The Slimms                                     Soldier Spoon
   Teacher's Pet                              3 -
Gus Gorilla
Ivor Lott and Tony Broke
   Tricky Dicky                                    
Mike's Magic Mould

   Willy Worry

   Guest strips:
   Dial T for Twitt!
   Mike's Magic Mould
   Soldier Spoon



  Cor!! Holiday
  Special 1976
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Ivor Lott
  & Tony Broke
  by Robert Nixon


  Cover price:


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