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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special 1971
  Holiday Special 1979

   Ivor Lott and Tony Broke grab the topical tropical cover
   spot once more. And they feud five times inside,
   alongside a slew of favourites from this classic comic.
   There are also a trio of guest strips:

   "Benny Bendo" is a curious chap who can bend things, just
   by looking at them. It's an unnerving ability, for sure....

   "Beezzneezz" follows the exploits of Fumble Bee, a worker
   bee who's been buzzed out of his hive because he has

   Then we have four pages of "Blackpool in Space" by
   Alan Hodge. This odd tale focuses on the feud between
   two rival rock makers in an outer space resort. That's
   "rock" as in "stick of rock", of course. An alien called
   Slugg is detemined to learn how they get the writing
   through those candy sticks, so he kidnaps an entire

   By the way, one of the "Hire a Horror" strips stars a
   Horror Crab monster, which featured in the previous
special.They must be getting lazy, or else they've run
   out of monsters!

   Featured Cor!! strips:
                  Puzzles & games:
   Andy's Ants
                                 Seaside Crossword
                                       Tease Break!
   Donovan's Dad
   Football Madd                              Most appearances:
   The Gasworks Gang
                     5 - Hire a Horror
   Gus Gorilla                                       
Ivor Lott and Tony Broke
   Hire a Horror                                4 - Whacky
   Ivor Lott and Tony Broke               3 - The Gasworks Gang
   Jelly Baby
   Night Mare
   Puddin' Tops
   Teacher's Pet
   Tricky Dicky
   Willy Worry

   Guest strips
   Benny Bendo
   Blackpool in Space

   Adventure strips:
   Patch-Eye Hooker - Terror of the Seven Seas



  Cor!! Holiday
  Special 1979
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Ivor Lott
  & Tony Broke
  by Mike Lacey


  Cover price:


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