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  Monster Fun characters and strips...

 Creature Teacher !
    Creature Teacher
   Creature Teacher was a big bug-eyed mass of  monster
   gelatine created by Mr Fume, the Science Teacher at
   Massacre Street School. The Headmaster needed this
   creepy creation in order to teach the unruly members
   of Class 3X. Those unruly pupils were lead by hooded
   maestro Blotchy, who regularly coerced the likes of
   Litterbug Len, Greasy Gus and Disaster Doris into
   disruptive action. Additional class mates were introduced
   as each story demanded - hence we had Trannie Terry
   who grooved to his rockin' radio, Long-Arm Lenny who
   was handy at Javelin, Kopycat Kid the Massacre St.
   mimic and Piggy, Podger and numerous others...

   To counter the ever-scheming class, Creature Teacher
   had to be something of a metamorphic creation. On
   occasion he could produce many tentacle arms, each
   grasping a cane to thrash the kids with, or he could swell
   to super-size - turning in to a creature larger than even the
   school itself (Monster Fun issue 16)!

   Bat Teacher!Ice Teacher!

   In Monster Fun issue 15 Teacher revealed a new secret
   ability when he transformed into a Bat-Monster for the first time.
   He became a Caterpillar Monster and a Bouncing Ball monster
   in issue 22. In issue 32 he transformed into an angular
   Ice-Monster, and in issue 50 he became a Giant Excavator
   The Headmaster's initial idea was to have Creature Teacher
   teach the kids for a finite time, until they'd been calmed down,
   but things never never seemed to work out as planned.
   Every replacement teacher would be driven out of the class
   by Blotchy and the gang. Mr Digweed was turned into a
   gibbering wreck in issue 12, Miss Peabody fled in issue 63
   and the School Inspector Mr Snitch couldn't pluck up
   the courage to return to Massacre Street for two years!
   (issue 17)...
Monster Master runs amok...
   In issue 13, Mr Fume was put to work with his acid bath and
   steam chambers once more to create a second creepy school
   master. But his Monster Master simply went on a rampage,
   thrashing everyone and everything in sight until CT intervened.

   A new idea was instigated in issue 51, when the best-behaved
   boy in the school - Simon Snitcher - was introduced to 3X with
   the notion that some of his goodliness would rub off on Blotchy
   and his pals. Fat chance! Though Simon hung around for a few
   issues, his work was in vain...
    BlotchyIntroducing Simon Snitcher...

   As you can gather, Creature Teacher was a star strip in
   Monster Fun, drawn throughout its run by the late Thomas
   Williams. The Hound reckons this was his best strip too,
   topping even his work on Tiny Tycoon.      

  Teacher Trivia Hounds should track down Monster Fun 31
  which included a fab full-colour CT centre-page poster. And they
  should check out Monster Fun 20 + 21 which featured a
  two-part tale concerning a football match between Massacre
  Street School and their snobby rivals Highbrow School...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Monster Fun #1
  14th June 1975

  Monster Fun
  1977, 1979-1982,
  Funny Fortnightly

  Original artist:
  Thomas Williams

  Tag line:
  "He's a monster
  of a master!"


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