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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...

   Creepy Car
    Creepy Car
Cute little Creepy was an ageing spectral vehicle who put his
   ghostly prescence to good use, spooking bullies and crooks,
   and aiding and abetting the underdog...
   Creepy bore a certain resemblance to Chuggaboom (from
   Penelope Pitstop, remember?) He was a goodly soul, though
   it was never made clear how he became a ghost. If he "died"
   in a car crash how come he wasn't all bashed up? And hang
   about, can cars really "die" anyway..?

   Creepy was a latecomer to the pages of Shiver & Shake,
   putting in his first appearance some time in July 1974.
   He went on to become a Whoopee! star after Shiver & Shake
   merged with the title in October that same year...

   Creepy's annual appearances were interesting. He didn't turn
   up until Shiver & Shake's 1976 edition. Then he was spirited
   into the Whoopee! Annuals from 1979 - a rare feat for a
   Fleetway strip, shifting between two titles so swiftly.

   Completists may want to know, Creepy also "guested" in
   the 1977 Whoopee! Book of Frankie Stein...




Creepy Car
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Shiver & Shake
  July 1974

  Also seen in:
  Whoopee! - from
  12th October 1974


  Whoopee! Book
  of Frankie
  Stein 1977

  Original artist:
  Reg Parlett


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