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  WOW! characters and strips...

    Creepy Comix
    Creepy Comix
Davey Doom had a gruesome collection of comics stuffed
   with grisly creatures and creations which would come to life
   at will and wreak freaky havoc on the folk he encountered...

   Our Davey aquired his supernatural collection from a wheezing,
   spooky newsagent. He was on his way to buy his weekly horror
   comics when he became lost in a real peasouper. The paper
   shop he stumbled upon wasn't a bit like his regular joint, but
   the newsagent offered him the complete set of 13 Creepy
   Comix for just £1...

   The Creepy Newsagent...
   Davey Doom

   All sorts of blood-curdling beasts and critters would emerge
   from Davey's collection. The most surprising thing, however,
   was that there were quite so many different creations lurking
   in the pages ofsuch a slim number of comics. I mean, Creepy
   Comix appeared week-in, week-out throughout WOW!s run,
   on through the merger with Whooppe! and continued in the
   pages of Whizzer & Chips.

   That's an awful lot of beasties!

Davey returns to the creepy newsagents...Yoiks! - It's The Collector...

   Oh, but hang on. Davey's creepy collection was fleshed out
   a tad when WOW! first merged with Whoopee!

   In the first merged issue, 2nd July 1983, readers saw Davey
   stumbling upon that original spooky newsagents once more.
   This time he's given a Best of Creepy Comix Special to add
   to his comics. The first beastie in this new addition is a
   web-slinging spider beast called The Collector...

  The Collector spins its web...

  The late great Reg Parlett drew Creepy Comix throughout its run.
  He had a fine eye for the fantastic, also bringing us the likes of
  Rent-A-Ghost, Beastenders, The Hand, and that other "creepy"
  Fleetway star  Creepy Car...



Creepy Comix
  Facts & Figures


  5th Jun 1982 -
  25th Jun 1983
  2nd Jul 1983 -
  31st Mar 1985
  Whizzer & Chips
  7th Apr 1985 -

  Original artist:
  Reg Parlett


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