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    FBB's "Chicken Run" promo was extensive, running
    nigh-on a full year.  In Summer 2000, the muffin boys
    presented four different sticker sheets to collect in
    special Muffin boxes, which in turn featured four
    different background scenes for you to stick 'em on.

    Blueberry Muffins    Chocolate Choc Chunk Muffins

    In November 2000, to celebrate the launch on home
    video, new boxes hit the shelves announcing a tie-in
    competition, and offering up puzzles and games for
    Big Kids everywhere.

      Chewy Chocolatey  Crunchys    Rocky box picture

    Finally, in Spring 2001 those original stickers and
    scenes returned on special packs of their new
    range of Chewy Chocolatey Crunchies - Yum!...

        Thumbnails lead to larger scans:

         Scene One   scene 1      Scene Two   scene 2
        Sticker Set One  set 1       Sticker Set Two  set 2

        Sticker Set Three  set 3       Sticker Set Four  set 4

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