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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



   Golden Bear produced beanies, plush toys, talking toys
   and two incredible motion toys...

  Nick & Featcher beanies

   There were eight to collect. All stood around 8 inches
   tall. The best of the bunch were Nick and Fetcher, who
were beautifully presented - Nick with his sackcloth suit
   and Fetcher with his woollen scarf. These were always
   the first to sell out in stores...

    • Rocky     • Mac
    • Ginger     • Fowler
    • Babs       • Nick
    • Bunty     • Fetcher

Talking RockyTalking Ginger

   Talking Toys
   A set of three small battery-operated talking toys.
   Rocky, Ginger and Babs spoke lines from the film when
   you pressed their wings...

   Plush Toys
   13 inch high plush toys of Rocky and Ginger were also

    Poultry in Motion Ginger Poultry in Motion Rocky

   Poultry in Motion
   The range-toppers were these 18 inch high plush toys.
   These fabulous items moved and flapped their wings
   when they spoke ("Press my hand and I'll talk and flap!").
   The action was superb, and their dialogue - like the other
   talking toys here - was lifted straight from the film.
   Clucking brilliant!

     • Rocky ("The Charmer")
     • Ginger ("The Organizer")

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