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Here's a roundup of some of the trade ads and covers
    you may have spied in the industry press and media,
    celebrating "Chicken Run"s release and success around
    the world. Thumbnails lead to larger jpegs...

Daily Variety Scan - May 1999    

     Daily Variety - 13th May 1999
    This double-page advert announced the arrival of the
     movie, a whole year before its release...

     Daily Variety Scan - August 2000
     Daily Variety - 18th August 2000
     And one year later, this second double-page celebrated
     $100million box office in North America...

      Screen International Scan - December 2000    

     Screen International - Dec 2000
     This cover ad adorned the front of a Special Edition
     supplement - Chicken Run reaped the 2nd highest box
     office take for the year in the UK...

     Screen International Scan - November 2000

    Screen International - Nov 10-16th 2000
    The movie was a hit across Europe too, as this trade
    ad shows...

      National Press Advert - November 2000

     National press ad - Nov 2000
     In the UK, "Chicken Run" was given an extra holiday push
     with the rerelease of Aardman's "Creature Comforts" film,
     playing as a short with the main feature...

      OnDigital Magazine Scan - June 2001  

     ON7 - June 2001
     Now here's a scarce item. It's the cover for OnDigital's
     subscriber magazine. A month later, of course, OnDigital
     changed its name to ITV Digital, and - well - the rest
     is history, isn't it?

       Radio Times / Thornton's Video

     Radio Times/Thornton's VHS - June 2000
     A fab give-away video tape here, which was available
     exclusively through The Radio Times and Thornton's,
     who also produced a delicious range of chocolate goodies,
     of course. "Poultry In Motion" was a 20min behind-the-
     scenes look at the film which included a short tour of
     the Aardman Studios by Julia Sawalha (Ginger) and
     Lynn Ferguson (Mac)...



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