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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



   Kinnerton excelled themselves with their Chicken Run
   promotions. They produced a diverse range of chocolate
   packs and gifts and jelly sweet products, all superbly
   packaged and presented...

3D Sweet Tin

     Rocky Money Bank
     This was a superb 10-inch high hand-painted ceramic
     bank moulded in the shape of Rocky's head. It came
     with a bag of chocolate coins inside.

 Babs-shaped Talking Jelly Egg Dispenser
     This was an eight inch high plastic dispenser shaped like
     Babs. You pressed her head to make her 'lay' a jelly egg
     and hear Jane Horrocks cry 'bloomin' eck!' when she
     deposited your sweeties!

 3D Sweet Tins
     Cute "Chicken Run" sweet tins, with 3D moulded plastic
     characters on top. I spied at least three different
     designs. Ginger's tin (pictured) contained "Fruit
     Flavoured Shaped Jellies".

      Chicken Run choccies
   Chocolate Escape Game

 Flat-pack Chocolates
     Moulded chocolate selections
with shaped chocolate
     characters and pies shapes, featured Rocky and Ginger
     holding spoons on the pack front.

  Chocolate Escape Game
     With edible character pieces - Yum!

   Pack of 5 chocolate bars
     Shaped chocloate bars in packs of five, like Penguin
     bars, with a Fun Card free in every pack.

  Fruit Flavoured Jelly Sweets
     Packs of jelly sweets, whose contents were shaped like
     Rocky, Ginger and Mrs Tweedy's Chicken Pies. Each pack
     included one of six different Egg-Breaker cards...

     Jelly Sweets  

    Now, those Egg Breaker cards were a neat idea. The
    'eggs' were flat cardboard creations around three inches
    in height. They were sealed in such a way that you had
    to bend and 'crack' them open to separate the two egg
    halves and reveal a mini character card inserted within.
    Very clever...

    Egg Breaker character cards

     Eggbreaker scan - set one   - Mrs Tweedy, Babs, Rocky

     Eggbreaker scan - set two  - Bunt
y, Mr Tweedy, Ginger

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