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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



Playmates produced a significant number of "Chicken Run"
   figures and collectibles which will all be indexed in time....

  Rocky with SpyScope   Babs with Yarn Shooting Bellows      Bunty with Automatic Digging Spoon

   Six-inch action figures
   There were 7 to collect in all, including two different
   versions of Rocky. However, no individual Tweedy figures
   were produced, probably because of the disparity of size.
   But that meant kids buying these things to play with had
   no "nemesis" or "bad guy" for the chickens to take on...

   • Rocky  (with Spy Scope)
   • All-American Rocky  (with Grappling Hook)
   • Ginger  (with Tunnel Digger)
  • Babs  (with Yarn Shooting Bellows)
 • Mac  (with Escape Stilts)
  • Fowler  (with Flying Wings)
   • Bunty  (with Automatic Digging Spoon)


   Flying Machine with Rocky figure

   There were three vehicular creations also available.
   None of these machines featured in the film, of course.
   The Pie-Throwing Machine is the most interesting because
   (fanfare, please) it included a much-desired Mr Tweedy 
   figure and hence allowed folks to incorporate a "nemesis"
   into their games. But frustratingly, that self-same Pie
   Machine appeared to have been imported in smaller
   numbers than the other machines - D'oh!

Rocky's Flying Machine  (with Rocky)     
    Ginger's Chickenpult (with Ginger)
   • Mr Tweedy's Pie-Throwing Machine (with Mr Tweedy)

   Fowler Clip-on Mr Tweedy Clip-on

   Talking Collectible Clip-ons
   These were terrific egg-shaped clip-ons. Press the side
   button and you got one of a handful of original phrases from
   the movie. There were 5 to collect...

   • Rocky   • Fowler
 • Ginger   • Mr Tweedy
   • Bunty

   Interactive Rockin' Rocky

    Interactive Rockin' Rocky

   This was a spectacular Rocky Room Guard standing some
   15" high. When Mr Rhodes was activated his wings moved,
   eyes blinked and his tail feathers ruffled as he "spoke"
   one of a dozen phrases. It was Mel's voice too - none
   of that pseudo-voice stuff. Oh, and the motion detector
   could pick up an "intruder" from over 10 feet away.

   These sneaked in to the uk on import late in the movie's run,
   and a whole lot seemed to go straight to Poundstretcher and
   other bargain stores - but what a bargain, for £14.99 or
   under - less than half its official retail price!


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