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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



   Portico produced a set of five ceramic gift mugs to tie-in
   with the film. The designs featured Mr & Mrs Tweedy, Fowler,
   Rocky, Ginger, and Nick & Fetcher.

   A sixth mug was then produced as an in-store exclusive
   for Boots stores, featuring
Fowler, Rocky, Mac, Bunty,
   Ginger and Babs lined up against barbwire...

       "I'm a Lone Free Ranger" mug       "Just deal with It!" mug   
       "I'm a Lone Free Ranger"              "Just deal with it!"

"Pleasure doung business with you!" mug    "Let's have some discipline..." mug
             "Pleasure doing                       "Let's have some
   business with you!"                discipline in the ranks!"

        "Hard boiled chick" mug
            "Hard boiled chick"

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