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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



    Now this was just terrific. You would have thought a
    promotion with an egg farm would have been a tad
    insensitive, eh?- But these were free range - very
    clever! - Stonegate gave away eight different egg
    cups free in these special packs. And they were
    proper ceramic ones too...

     Egg Cup Promotion    Rocky egg cup  

Rocky              • Fowler
 Ginger              • Bunty
 Mr Tweedy       • Babs
Mrs Tweedy      • Mac

   These fine items were subsequently made available
   again in branches of Tesco's. To tie-in with the film's
   release on home video, you could purchase special packs
   of four egg cups at a discounted price...

   Stonegate's Chicken Run Eggs    

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