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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!


    THE REST...

Let's face it, there are stacks of products out there,
    waiting for me to index and I'll get to most of  'em, in time.
    For now, though, you'll just have to be patient and sample
    this round-up of happenings in the giddy world of  
    "Chicken Run" licensing...

    Chicken Run shaped cookie - Slurp!

    St Michael produced bedclothes and underwear - their
    slippers were fun. Plus there was a range of sweets and
    cakes in a special "Ministry of Yummy" range, featuring
    three Kinnerton-style sweety tins with plastic figures
    on top, and - "Chocs away!" - flat-pack chocolate
    selections. The range-topper was a CR birthday cake...

    Their fine stationary range included a selection of
    greetings cards, tags, clip files, and wrapping paper...          

    The Hut offered up one of 4 special "Poultry in Motion"
    softballs with every kids' meal. The eggs jiggle and shake
    when you pull the cord. B-z-z-z-z.....


    In 2000, the pub food chain featured three different
    "Chicken Run" figures as part of a children's meal deal.
    These Rocky, Ginger, and Bunty models looked suspiciously
    like they'd made their way over from the Vivid Imagination
    range - but, hey, they were still worth collecting, eh?
    Collectors were steered towards their fab "Cracking
    Clothing Co." range of exclusive W&G adult nightwear.
    They expanded it to include CR and they offered a big
    red Ginger dressing gown, plus CR pyjamas, a nightshirt
    and matching  slippers - all top quality and almost too
    good to wear...  


    Why not check out the goods at Aardman's official
    online store? You can still view and buy a fair bit online
    at the Aardmarket..

    Oh, and just before I sign off, that there "Chicken Run"
    biscuit featured at the top of this page was a very real,
    very edible purchase available from the delicatessen
    at Tesco's during that "Chicken" summer - I'll scan
    anything, me!

    "No Chicken Run products
     escape from Toonhound!"


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