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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

   The Upper Crusts...
    The Upper Crusts
  and the Lazy Loafers

 Oh yes, this was that old Fleetway favourite concept
    playing "haves" against "have-nots". In this version Colonel
    Crust and his wife had it all, and Dumpy and Tich wanted
    some for themselves - with minimum effort. They were
    forever scheming up ways to get into Crust Lodge and
    partake of their over-stuffed pantry and perishables...

    This was as socially aware as Fleetway ever got, ridiculing
    the Uppers who were so mean-spirited, and championing the
    layabout Loafers. But of course, both sides were equally
    ridiculous: The Crusts should have been more forthcoming
    with their wealth (earned or inherited? - we're not told).
    And those layabout Loafers could surely do something to
    earn their keep?

    What's more, a Restraining Order would have sorted
    Dumpy and Tich out in a jiffy.

    Still, there was lots of buffonning fun to be had, with the
    bally Colonel thinking nothing of weilding a sword or
    a shotgun against his good-for-nothing intruders!

    The Crusts and the Loafers first appeared in Whoopee! #1
    and were drawn by Fleetway supremo Reg Parlett. During
    those fun comic years he repeated the trick several
    times, courtesy of Ivor & Tony, Fred & Sid and more...

                              ...And those Lazy Loafers!



  Upper Crusts
  and the
  Lazy Loafers
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974


  1975 - 1978
  WOW!  1984

  Original artist:

  Reg Parlett


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