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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



    Weetabix and Ready Brek had a "Chicken Run" bean toy
    promotion running on special packs. You could collect
    tokens to redeem against 5 Golden Bear bean toys -
    Rocky, Ginger, Fowler, Babs and Mac . The beanies 
    weren't "egg-sclusives" of course, but the pack designs
    were very smart - that's a thumbnail of a Weetabix
    pack back below, right, leading to a larger scan...

     Weetabix box with Chicken Run promotion   Beanie promotion


    Also from Weetabix came these Weetos packs in which
    you could find one of 10 different Vivid Imaginations
    figures. You could also send off for two different boxes
    of figures to complete the gaps in your collection.
    They were promoted thus:

       Rocky's Roost           Ginger's Gang
 Rocky                      Ginger
 Mrs Tweedy              Bunty
 Mr Tweedy               Babs
 Nick                       • Mac
 Fetcher                  • Fowler

          Weetos with Chicken Run promotion    Ten figures to collect!   

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