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     Bunty's Booty - a guide to Chicken Run goodies How 'egg'citing!
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Mrs Tweedy's - exceedingly good pies!



Wesco already had a mature licensing agreement in place
    with Aardman under which they had produced several
    best-selling "Wallace & Gromit" clocks and watches. The
    company really went to town for "Chicken Run", creating
    a wide range of products, each featuring authentic voice
    playback and ever more elaborate movement. The range

Dig For Freedom watch  Dig For Freedom watch tin

    • Dig For Freedom wristwatch
      Featured Ginger in war-time advertisement pose, behind
      chicken wire. No whistles and bells on this one, just an
      old-fashioned wristwatch with black leather strap.
      But stylish, nonetheless. And it was presented in a
      snazzy metal tin...

        Rocky & Ginger Message Mate

 • Rocky & Ginger Message Mate
      Our desparate duo are perched on the roof of Hut 17.
      The unit reacts when you operate your tv remote and
      plays back 8 different messages. You can record your
      own message too...

        Nick & Fetcher am/fm radio alarm clock      Ginger Talking Alarm Clock

 •  Nick & Fetcher Am/Fm Radio Alarm Clock
       The range-topping item. Our happy scavengers
       are transporting a period wireless. They rattle off 1 of 5
       different messages when you lift up the unit - Brilliant!

 • Ginger Talking Alarm Clock
       This one has Ginger poking her head out of her escape
       tunnel, only to be confronted by one of the Tweedy's
       guard dogs. Ginger gabbles 1 of 5 different messages
       before retreating. There's a hell of a lot of movement
       packed in to this unit...

 •  Bunty Am/Fm Radio
       This features Bunty sitting in her nest, with eggs to
       toggle and her head to turn to operate the volume etc.

 •  Hut 17 Electronic Money Box
       Features the chickens entering their infamous hut.
       You drop in your pennies to hear phrases from
       the film...

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