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  Whoopee! characters and strips...
    Daisy Jones and Genie
    Daisy Jones' Locket
Davy Jones had a deep-sea locker. But here in Fleetway
    land, Daisy Jones had a locket. All she had to do was to
    rub it and - KAZAM! - a genie appeared to carry out her
    every whim. And not just the old "three wishes" routine.
    Genie would keep on granting wishes ad inifitum, if so

    Daisy was all heart, though, bless her. She tried to use
    her genie friend to right wrongs and foul up crooks, criminals
    and bullies. Notice the word "tried" there, because there
    was a twist in this Grenie's tail.
You see, the chap would
    often take the words of Daisy's wishes a tad too literally:
    like the time when she wished for a monster ice cream,
    but got an ice cream monster instead....

    Daisy was on the right track, hoping to help folks.
    But with all that magic power at her fingertips, surely she
    could have set her sights a little higher. Afte all, turning
    next door's dog into a stretchy sausage dog was all well
    and good, but what about solving world hunger, or ridding
    us of Third World debt. Now that would be magic indeed...

    "This'll shine it up!"

    Daisy unearthed her locket in the attic of her house.
    She wanted to play outside with her pals, but instead she
    was sent up to tidy the place by her grumpy father. The locket
    was found in her Grandad's old sea chest. One quick rub
    later and our Genie pops up. Daisy wishes for her friends
    to join her, and - next second - her pals appear. Then, 'cos
    she can't go outside, she asks the Genie for a little
    sunshine. So he makes the roof disappear!



Daisy Jones'
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
  Whoopee #1
  4th March 1974

  Principal artist:
  Arthur Martin

  Often quoted:
"Your wish is
  my command,
  O Daisy..."


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