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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...
 Damsel In Distress
    Damsel in Distress
Damsel was a fair-haired maiden of yore, held within a
    high tower. Her calls for help were heeded by Sir Knight on
    horseback who would attempt an infinite variety of ways to
    rescue her, only to fail via his own errors, or Damsel's
    unforseen reaction to his schemes, or - well - suffice it
    to say their love would remain unrequited...

    Which is probably just as well, because in Shiver & Shake
    issue #2 we actually catch a glimpse of the "heroic" figure
    inside that metal body suit, and he really isn't that
    dashing at all:

     Stormy Knight aloft!

     Poor Damsel's predicament was strange too. Sometimes
     her tower was moated, other times not, sometimes near
     woods and trees, other times more exposed. Unless Damsel
     was supposed  to be in a different tower every week. In which
     case, how dozey was she to get captured all the time?

     And who kept on ensnaring her, and why?

     Maybe she was locked away for her own good. Still, the
     situations the twosome got themselves into were great
     fun, and both hero and heroine were frequently ridiculed
     by Sir Knight's faithful steed - "Hoss" - who was far and
     away the most intelligent character
in the strip...

     Although Damsel remained a long-term resident of her tower,
     the strip she starred in was not so lucky, and was quietly
     dropped from the Shake section of the comic during
     Christmas 1973, nine months after the title was launched...




  in Distress
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Shiver & Shake #1
  10th March 1973


  Shiver & Shake #43
  29th Dec 1973

  Original artist:
  Trevor Metcalfe

  Often quoted:
  "Help, Sir Knight!
  Save me!..."


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