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  Cor!! characters and strips...
      Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse
No, this really isn't a wind-up. Well before the birth of the
    mega-succesful Cosgrove Hall tv show, a different DM
    appeared in the pages of Fleetway's Cor!!comic. This DM
    wasn't a super-agent, as such, but he did proudly display
    his super-initials on his chest and he was heroically crafty,
    when he needed to be...

    S.O.M. - Save our Miceys!

    Like his Cosgrove Hall counterpart all those years later,
    Danger Mouse took his cue from that clasic ITC serial
    "Danger Man", starring Partrick McGoohan.
Our hero
    would answer the call of distressed mice everywhere.
    Well, close by, anyway. He appeared to wage his war of
    wits with the same roughed-up old moggy each week.
    Danger Mouse originally starred in Odhams' Smash comic,
    which launched with him inside back in 1966. Odhams were
    bought out by Fleetway in the late 60s, and they subsequently
    shoehornmed a number of those strips in to their 70s fun

    DM's appearances in Cor!! were intermittant, through the
    early months of 1972. The overall character design and
    panel work is rather more "sketchy" than the familiar
    Fleetway/Odhams style. But alas, an artist's initial or
    signature still eludes - can anyone help?

      Danger Mouse to the rescue!

   Regardless of the details, what's important is that DM is
   in black and white, long before the animated show, and
   it throws up some interesting  points for discussion,
   does it not?

   You can refamiliarise yourself with the other, more famous,
   DangerMouse concept here...



Danger Mouse
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