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  Monster Fun Comic characters and strips...
 Sir Marmaduke greets Dough Nut and Rusty
    Dough Nut & Rusty
It's 2075 and Sir Marmaduke Posh of Posh Mansion has
    two robots servants to look after himself, his wife and his
    young son. Dough Nut is "a super modern, efficient and
    expensive" machine, stuffed full of extra functions, extensions
    and add-ons. Wheras Rusty is an ageing, olde worlde
    android with a tin can for a head, built a hundred years
    earlier, in good old 1975...

    These two butler-droids are constantly vieing for the approval
    of "Sir", "Madam" and their "Young Master", with Dough Nut
    dominating events, rubbishing Rusty and his old-fashioned
    concepts and scheming up new ways to have "tinribs" sent
    to the scrap heap. But his schemes repeatedly backfire and
    Rusty's old-fashioned, 20th century ways and whiles
    always win through...

    This was a strange old strip really, playing along a similar
    theme to those Tom & Jerry toons when the husband and wife
    would have to choose between keeping Tom the cat or Spike
    the dog - remember? Dough Nut would begin every speech
    with a modern "Whirr!" prefix, and Rusty would go "Bleep!"
    before he spoke...

    The Posh family displayed continued affection towards loveable
    Rusty and continued frustration and despair with bully-boy
    Dough Nut. So why did they keep them both on? - Dough
    Nut's hare-brained schemes frequently ended up destroying
    Posh Mansion. Those re-builds must have cost Sir Marmaduke
    an absoloute fortune!

    The strip was drawn handsomely by Trevor Metcalfe who
    put some fine work into the robots' gleaming chrome and
    rust-scuffed aluminium and the robots survived through the run
    of Monster Fun.

    Although they were dropped when the comic merged with
    Buster, Dough Nut and Rusty continued to pop up in the
    Monster Fun Annuals and they later returned in reprinted
    form in the 1991 Funny Fortnightly Annual...



Dough Nut and
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Monster Fun #1
  14th June 1975

  Also seen in:
  Funny Fortnightly
  Annual 1991

  Original artist:
  Trevor Metcalfe

  Often quoted:
  "WHIRR! - There's
  a quicker way than
  that, you rusty
  old robot!"


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